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  • Hello, I've done some more testing and found out the reason to the failure.. Home is allways on top, which makes no sense - should only be on top if starred as Favourite.

  • Travel planner UI fails to list favourite destinations on top. The list won't update after removal (un-starring) of destination from favorites, but will be stuck in same old chronological order as destinations have been added.

  • Quote from tabooshka: “I dont understand, when everytime you do UI change, you remove functionality from it Why is total fame on character removed from login screen? Why is silver amount on a character removed form login screen? And how much more is PC version gonna suffer because you decided for the game to be fully mobile? ” And now characters location ain't listed, but only shown for selected character. I honestly wonder why I should keep paying for prem when SBI don't care about customers li…

  • Quote from warrior123: “Can I have one more operation mode? I want to be based on the classic control scheme, but it won't move when I left click on the floor. In this way, I will not trigger the attack command when I press and hold the right button to move. At the same time, I hope that when I select the target with the left button, the role will not move in the way I don't want because it is not selected successfully. ”…lassic-control-left-click (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from Kennann: “It has been 3 days now. Im on PC, this never happened before. Discord is fine and all.. Shot calls are smooth but the game is fked when loading maps and sht. I also noticed when getting disconnected in game, the albion website/forum also doesnt load when refreshed. Is there something wrong with SEA connection?? or is it just my ISP?? really really annoying already. ” I occasionally experience those disconnections (when zoning) here in europe. Also client crashes during prime…

  • A fix here to skip skip and queue would be to weigh zone entry to favour those "moving down" (eg from red to yellow zone) and disfavour those "moving between" (eg from yellow to yellow zone).

  • Name Icons

    AsmurfH - - Beginner's Questions


    Quote from BrokenMagic: “Ah I see, that's were the second icon comes from then. As soon as you do that the second icon pops up. LOL Here I though it was another reputation marker. So that means you can also have only ONE reputation marker? ” Well, there are also Flagging for Faction..

  • Name Icons

    AsmurfH - - Beginner's Questions


    Quote from Midgard: “Quote from AsmurfH: “ You're welcome. ” Probably not flagging, but reputation. ” Indeed, but it's all there on that page, so..Reputation_Info.png

  • Name Icons

    AsmurfH - - Beginner's Questions

    Post You're welcome.

  • Allow hiding name but not guild of non guild players in the interface

  • Remove movement from Classic control left click

  • Quote from Ray_Morningstar: “so i made an account off of steam, but when i tried to run through steam i need a new account. I want to just delete my old account and use that gmail but i cant figure out how to delete it ” You should be able to tie that account to steam - I did. What I can't do is to start playing on testserver (then it want me to create a new account), but I think that's another issue - new accounts not being mirrored there yet.

  • Quote from deenne: “Quote from grul: “Would be unfair for new player. ” no one give a fak about new players.. fucking blue zones retard 2k people in BZ piece of shitshope this game die after lost ark release ” So.. you're "no one"..? Quote from deenne: “roads are the best thing after gathering buff.. much more people arrive ” Quote from deenne: “Quote from Borbarad: “Actually, i dont think gathering buff was applied to roads - not sure, but i think that is the case. ” hah it can be, but open wor…

  • Quote from Equart: “Quote from ImaDoki: “Just to sumarize what Korn said, basically max mastery will raise 60 points, which results in a 5% increase in stats aproximately from what we have today. ” Nah , it is around 20% ” Well, some math.. If 60p = 0.2x => x = 300p I doubt base stats are 0.. Hint: notice those "+" in Korn's post..

  • Quote from EEgg: “Heh, someones gonna come back complaining after they buy something for a couple hundred times what its normal cost is, because they were just clicking through ” Heh, like left hand don't know what right hand is doing (and vice versa)..

  • Or a simple Mute via right-click such chat message..

  • Quote from krazzer: “Elite levels, is a very bad idea. Those who already have 700-700 in something and can do high end PVE content will max out those elite levels really quick, which leaves "newer" player at an even bigger disadvantage. No one, want's to be the sheep in a full loot pvp game, and no one like to grind for months just to be able to compete in any kind of content. Improve on content in AO, and players will join, making the grind harder will do the opposite. ” Sorry if I've missed so…

  • Thrill in turnbased game at breakfast = misclicking next turn on bread while putting phone in toaster

  • Maybe add an option to Name: Show initial only

  • Quote from Kotikozavr1: “If you dont know how and where to use something, it doesnt mean nobody knows, and it doesnt mean it dont have role. Have you seen messages "Why are you using these bad items?" so maybe it means man who uses these "bad" items just knows how to use it well? ” Though there are items that are useless.. You can't use Adept/Expert Avalonian Fishing Rod and make a profit out of it - repair cost will allways be too high.