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  •…b10a71a97ab6cdfe6c15b2855 Hello Adventurers! Today we’re starting the Albion Online Creators Program! With this program we want to support the talented video creators and streamers of the Albion Online community and begin a journey to grow Albion Online as a content creator game. What is the Albion Online Creators Program? The Albion Online Creators Program gives creators who share their Albion Online streams and videos with the game’s community the chance to be fe…

  • I updated your post with the image, it wasn't showing for me either

  • Quote from Nesnes: “I already love so many of the entries, would really like to see more entries for @Shadowbrick though. ” I know that at least two more are coming, can't wait for them

  • Hello, The guest account creation feature that was introduced with the Call to Arms patch 10 was disabled today. What does this mean for you? - No new guest accounts can be created anymore. - Existing guest accounts can continue playing the game as before. In case you have issues with your existing guest accounts after today, please let us know. ~ Shadowbrick

  • Quote from Reiswaffle: “do you also have a favourite mount, guild and what is your main playing area? (bw, thet, fs etc) ” Guild - nopes, I'll remain neutral for this content. Regarding the mount, I like the Lynx Swiftclaw skin (even though I don't currently have it). And you'll usually find me around Thetford these days

  • Quote from MeetAllTheStars: “Heyo! this is a great contest idea! *sharpening the pencil* .. just a little request: is it possible to please get more Shadowbrick´s visual references? Regards! ” Sure, here you go (click on the previews for the full-sized images). Good luck and looking forward to your entries!…b10a71a97ab6cdfe6c15b2855…b10a71a97ab6cdfe6c15b2855

  • Quote from Midgard: “Quote from Shadowbrick: “yet here I am ” Any chance you could actually do your job and answer a very serious question and answer a ToS question then ... ? ” I saw your question but unfortunately I can't make a decision or statement on that myself and I had a feeling just saying "we're aware of if" wasn't the answer you wanted to hear (and most likely already heard before). Since I'm new in the company (and haven't annoyed people too much yet) I can definitely bring it up aga…

  • Hello all! It's only been a month since Nesnes joined the Community Management team and yet here I am - a wild Shadowbrick appeared. While I'm still rather new to Albion Online, I'm kind of a "veteran" when it comes to video game Support and Community Management. That's why it's important for me to put the communication in Community Management and do my best to listen to you all, gather your feedback and poke our developers about it. I'm still getting to know SBI and everyone here, so please bea…