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  • would love to see arena ditched and a que-able anytime crystal league levels added to replace it. Also maybe something like lvl 0 is all random que (maybe 2 man que at most), lvl 1 queable only with teams but both non lethal / que-able anytime. Not sure whether to keep tokens for entry for that level or not, i like some kind of buy in so rewards can be at least sort of decent for winners, but may drive away new player interest. I love arena think the 5v5 pvp in this game is great but its just so…

  • my friend is a big greataxe fan and bummed about move speed removal. I think reducing damage out put by 10% in pvp or somesuch may be better alternative, not a big fan of removing synergy between axe skills.

  • as someone that ganks and gathers solo casually, i think this update is pretty good, i seem to get just as many resources as before though i do obviously have to run from most contested big nodes when solo. the fact that every basic 7 and 8 node is now definitely worth gathering makes up for the loss of many big nodes IMO. and big nodes added to t5 and t6 zones makes those zones a lot more productive / worth gathering in than before (well at least t6, i still dont think t5 is really worth gather…

  • i dont think nature is bad at all in 5v5 up to 10v10, but its definitely carried by cleanse heal as the other w's are kinda crap. dont really have experience with zvz but its annoying you cant tell which stacks are yours vs other nature in big groups, wish they were clearly highlighted dif or something. I think 1h nature is underrated and really basically on par with druid, but agree great nature and ironroot need changes, my suggestion for great nature is lower cooldown to 20s, nerf duration to…

  • First just wanted to say i absolutely love this patch, devs did great job with new zones and getting people out and about is great, bz is bustlin wayyyy more than prepatch. That said, i did also enjoy dungeons prior to the 1.5 minute "closing" change and would love to see dungeon content buffed to bee on par with open world / statics. However, it would only be fair to do this if the activities were made less safe. So based on the multiple entrances added to statics, i think you should do the sam…

  • so after testing some more it seems the change is that if you aquire a target and activate an ability simultaneously by hovering your mouse over a target and use an ability with quick cast on button press, it stops any active movement commands. Previously, you could do this and you would not interrupt an already active movement command. ie you would continue moving to location you had selected when using 0 stand time abilities like natures rejuvenate or arcane protection. Not sure what changed o…

  • you are right, the stand time only happens if you dont have target prior to clicking it. Wonder why this change was made.

  • could be something with how i target skills. I dont use self heal button, i just hover cursor over self and then cast skill. Pre patch this did not use a standtime, but now it does

  • Not sure if intended, but anytime you cast the first stack of rejuv on a target, there is a short stand time. In addition, when healing self, there is always a standtime. Pretty huge nerf if intended but idk. Honestly feels awful to play after so long playing it otherway, would much rather see number nerfs than complete change in how the skill functions

  • Is holy/nature not viable?

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    for solo, not really. The need to hit once or multiple times with q ability before you can use other equipment slots that deal damage, poison, etc, just makes it too awkward to use successfully. Its good enough for solo fame farming, but very sub optimal if pvp is involved. For duos like hellgate / dungeon diving, absolutely, healer / dps is still IMO the all around best duo for actually fighting people. For ganking, not so much, problems listed above make it very difficult to help de-horse / ki…

  • Quote from Malkalma: “Do you mean if someone use .1 enchanted gear, the player would get extra yield? ” yes

  • 3v3 Hellgates please

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    would be cool fo sho

  • I saw someone else suggest this a while back, but with the nerf to laborers coming next patch i think gathering could use a buff while simultaneously putting larger demand on high end resources. Would be cool if gathering yield went up ~5-10% for every 100 ip or so.

  • Quote from sbef: “Quote from Tseliteiv: “I just started playing about 9 days ago. I'm already pretty much bored. I'm struggling to logon at the moment. There just doesn't really seem like there's anything to do for any worthwhile progression. ” Thanks Tseliteiv. I'm pretty much in the same boat, I'm a new player, I've played the same amount of time, and I've reached the same conclusion. I like the idea of an open world full loot PVP, but I struggle to see what can Albion Online offer to me, as a…

  • Quote from jeffreygundam: “I don't really understand why those who love ganking keep shaming HCE players. My guildmates are both fans of ganking and HCE, so this is what i c at least. For HCE, it's a very big silver and time investment like buying your gear, learning the HCE mod's mechanics, and boosting your spec. In return, It's about 800K/hour (For full 8.3 Excellent worth about 40M) or massive fame(HCE players usually have at least 100/700 at this point). For ganking, all u need is cheap gea…

  • Massive hypocrisy of HCE vs Arena

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    Quote from Borbarad: “Arena is pretty much just to test out abilities and for newbies to mess around. You lose nothing from arena, and wheter you win or not rely on your team mates as well, thus if you queue solo, it´s more about the luck. Considering you can basically enter it right after you start the game and gets fame and silver for basically Nothing and without any requirements but absolutely basic IP, that´s fine. ” I would agree with the limit being fine if hce had a limit, but it doesnt.…

  • Massive hypocrisy of HCE vs Arena

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    As someone that just enjoys random pick up pvp, its kinda nuts that HCE gives continuous unending rewards (and much better rewards), yet arena only gives rewards 3x a day. Even if you que as a healer, the max reward you are getting from arena is 50k fame and like 30k silver between bag and tokens. Then consider only the winners get rewards - so on average, 10 people get around 20-25k fame and 15k silver for a 10-25 minute activity, and someone getting this reward more than 3x a day would be "gam…

  • people acting like they deleting hce from the game but its a 10% nerf to fame and silver at max lvl dungeon, and mobs 5% heath buff... Its still in game, just incentivized less as "good farming content" due to changes to open world coming this patch.

  • 2v2 hellgate gonna be limited in heal options just by design. holy gets shit on by tanks much more than nature does, but with only 2 player slots arent gonna see a heal / tank team. Nature is great in open world and 5v5 content, better than holy IMO. If they removed the dmg breaking channel on revitalize then nature could maybe fit in 2v2 hellgates more but otherwise ironroot too gimmicky / easily countered.

  • idk how this kills the economy? I agree it reduces the current value of bricks, and they should be given another use. But if there are less resources in market, prices will rise for resources and crafted products and gatherers and crafters will continue to profit. If there are really too few resources being produced i would much rather see gathering buffed than return laborers to current status. Gathering at least gets people into world / creates fun for everyone.