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  • Nice vid! That frost staff is insane, no one expects that dmg from it, lol

  • Quote from Tajger: “Quote from Insomm: “I had 0 lag until we got 200 freaking hostiles in one map. As soon as it went down to about 150ish lag went away however. ” ye, That's true My FPS hurted me Once I even had like 5-6 fps ” My FPS was actually not the major issue. I had some major rubberbanding... I only died twice during the whole thing, once because I rubberbanded back into the territory, and once because my game crashed Heavy armor op

  • I had 0 lag until we got 200 freaking hostiles in one map. As soon as it went down to about 150ish lag went away however.

  • We actually mentioned this in the TS during this test. The worst part about healing in Albion is that you cannot move or resize the HUD.

  • f4ab1f902a.jpg Quote from Elsa: “Let's see who created the most badass character.” Someone called and they want their IGN back :p

  • Quote from Buktor: “Well, i've not been a crafter but the main gatherer of leather by far in the guild. able to use t4 tools after the first hours. All our crafters made it through to craft t4.2 items! ” Yup, everyone in the guild pushed very hard and we got to 4.2 gear. There was also a bit of talk of pushing for 4.3 at the end just to see if we could :p

  • Quote from DufferDave: “How many starting areas were in the previous alphas? ” 3 on the last one iirc.

  • Quote from Cursewords: “In all honestly OP has a huge point. This forum is filled with childish adults who feverishly cling to their fragile egos whilst professing that they're going to be the best at the game. Okay, so you played the Alpha for a bit, gathered a squad of easily infatuated fangirls and found a free TS sever to yell at each other and call each other 'plebs' on. Lmao that means absolutely nothing in the long run. These guys have no idea what is waiting for them when the game goes l…

  • Afaik servers are down in between alpha and beta atm. I doubt anyone will be able to log in. As for why you got an update I have no idea.

  • Quote from Howser: “How do you now that scythe is the strongest 1vs1 weapon? Have you seen the damage on the axe? Have you tried the sustainabilty on the mace? or the CC on hammer?” Just felt like pointing out this on an off note since your comment reminded me of it. We were ganked by some dudes about a week ago in a dungeon and there were 2 of them and one of us left. The one of us was wearing a mace, and it turns out (full plate against two melee) he was able to heal through all their damage a…

  • Harp Overpowered.

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    Quote from Dagother: “Imo the healing amount is just about right, you can easily outdps the heal with anything, autoattacks, skills, aoe... What I'd change tho is CD and mana required so players wouldn't be able to use the spell that often.” That is a solution. Something has to be changed though, duration, cooldown, mana cost, healing. As it is currently it is just too strong compared to pretty much every other option.

  • Quote from Gwandir: “Harp is rare totem is uncommon. Hence it heal more than its counterpart. It take more LP to learn offhand and mainhand than spending for two-handed. Hence it should be stronger no?” Yes, it should. The issue is not it being stronger, but how much stronger it is. Currently harp heals for ~2x as much as totem, with ~2x as much duration, half the down time, and without a player cap. If a .1 tier difference warrants that much strength on an item than the tier system is what need…

  • Quote from Life: “I'm not saying that the Harp isn't strong. It's a great weapon, but you need to realize that it balances well compared to other heals. Since it is an offhand, it has to be used with the one handed healing staff which is significantly weaker compared to the two handed healing staves.” This by itself makes me thing you just ignored everything that was posted, refused to look at the numbers yourself, and made this post without any solid information. If you read the thread through …

  • Need a guild

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  • Quote from gurgo: “Previous alphas were even worse, only difference is that we got more weapons, and skillshots are very buggy. In general weapons are more balanced than before. More heals you have better you are, we used to play GvGs without healers, now its sucidal. You adapt or you die. Ask dinosaurs, they know.” You might be right about overall balance, but as you said yourself, the "more heals you have better you are". This by itself should point out how healing is not balanced at the momen…

  • Quote from Vandarix: “ I wouldn't say leather needs nerfed as much as healing on the harp.. If their goal is to keep the harp where it is then Nature is going to need a major buff. IE: Make the natures Well of Life stick to a target heal as much as harp and last twice as long considering its fucking long cast and mana cost. Or, Just simply test the shit before they throw it down our throats again.. ” Gotta also keep in mind the harp heal is mobile while the nature staff's is stationary, meaning …

  • Quote from Kurby: “there are no alternatives. you can counter a harp by killing the user pretty well ;)” Only problem is out damaging the heal of 2+ harps. Dps can't do it, you need to burst someone pretty much from 100 to 0, and there aren't lots of ways to do that at the moment assuming similar gear.

  • Honestly, this is an item suggestion/feedback subforum, and if the only point you guys have to make is about wins/losses you should go back to guild discussion. So take your posts back to the appropriate subforum, because it isn't being helpful over here. Someone mentioned counters, with the way the harps' heal works the only counter to it is healing reduction, which if I am not mistaken is only available on axes. Now being pigeonholed into a single melee weapon is not a viable counter to a stra…

  • The LP system was introduced as it is in this alpha. I don't see them going onto further versions without touching it. The current goal, as I understand, is to put a cap in progression so that the more casual player can somewhat keep up with the more hardcore player, meaning no one will be walking around in T7 gear 24 hours into the game. Atm it does do this to an extent, but not as well as it was planned. At the end of the day, as you said, people that already have a large group can specialize …