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  • When comparing bloodletter to infernal scythe it is noted blood letter has more mobility and on demand killing potential but if we look at the whole weapon as a whole we can see that is quite balanced at what it does but options such as realm breaker and great axe just out shines it from a dps stand point it does 580 x 2 for targets above 40% and 580 + 1290 for targets below 40% compared to blood letter's 1520 up front damage + mobility E From a usability stand point bloodletter outshines the we…

  • The reason why it is so expensive despite it being a mediocre ability for PvP is because its invis mechanic and low cooldown allow you to drop aggro of mobs this mechanic allows DPS and healers to spam abilities and max out dps without worry of accidentaly drawing aggro away from tank it allows tank to hold aggro better because u reset your aggro count upon pressing invis it also allow some targeted mob abilities to drop because they lack a target examples are morgana mages

  • Make weeping a 1h weapon and all problems solved you can go damage, crypt candle CDR, mist caller pvp or pve with tap root

  • Multi shot viable in 1v1 kite builds and vs casters deadly shot still used in open world and team fight cause of resist shread poison arrow is used still for some reason because there are no other better single target skill for Q when you are plate armor vs a plate armor

  • Considering this was way before lifetouch curse was reworked into an AoE purge day breaker purge on hit with flat damage no matter sprit spear stacks was considered decent but after the rework and "buff" of lifetouch curse i can see where the problem lies with day breaker although the ability is strong to an extent it is super hard to hit i suggest increasing the move speed during the charge to be somewhat on par with 1h spear or give it the ability to steer while charging also when talking othe…

  • Spears in general get a hit when %AA damage on spear spirit got tuned down but this is ava spear we are talking about and you are comparing it to 1h spear it is well known that a skill with purge inbuilt is more or less broken and need some power taken out somewhere. often in the form of Longer Cooldown or hard to hit abilities With 700/700 spec and flat 8 item a 1h spear would do 940 damage at 3 stacks with a cooldown of 20 seconds and consume all spear stacks meanwhile ava spear will do 1040 d…

  • hummmm... talk about buffing other parts of bow's kit before going through with the nerf ok? fire Q3(high poke damage) frost Q3(cc and spam Q then mobility w) and curse Q(heavy Dot damage) deal so much more damage and could do pretty much the same if given the same circumstances

  • I get what you are trying to say. q skills with long cast times where from an era where the game was slower with less mobility reducing the cast time on certain Q spells with insane cast times over 1 seconds for things like smite (holy staff) and even arcane staff would put them in a some what better spot of course damage scaling and mana costs need to be adjusted to compensate

  • health scaling is quite insane when matched with Solo play because most weapons in this game do not have innate healing in their kit with exceptions like axe and spear line. spear line autos with 3 spear spirit actually "heals" increasing the values on "healing received reduction" modifier would be fine

  • Bow Of Badon Looks on this conversation . Intensely Stares at healer . big bold words behind him spell menacingly.

  • Bows?

    The_Support_God - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    what is your build and what content are you playing in? @mahuyadin what is your build's win condition. aka blood letter= get target below 40%, mace = knock back and traps, frost/badon = hit and run, 1h dagger/ dual daggers/ pike = one shot you cannot expect to take any build and simply beat them to death in what they are good at. there is a reason why weapons have specific E Badon counters casters but has crap damage outside of E spell so they buy time with knock back Q and mobility W. reg bow n…

  • Devs why you can agree with us to nerf stuff # stalker Hood # Crossbow caltrops but cannot be with us for buffing stuff #Buff Bow #Rework Speed shot and Multi shot

  • how is purge on hit a fun to play mechanic? quote black hands also daggers had quite alot of mobility thats why they are broken with old black hands i can say with honesty that wargloves cannot beat bow line as of yet because they use small fast hitting attacks "Badon & reg bow" while putting distance between them war gloves are definately in a bad position "for open world" currently because they are suppose to be a combo weapon which delivers a combination of hard cc "knock up" and decent damag…

  • Bows?

    The_Support_God - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    As your In House Bow Main i can confirm Most Bows are completely balanced. just need rework some skills "Spread shot, speed shot" each bow has their weaknesses and strengths and if you complain about reg bow have you tried Hit and run tactics? Invis and knockback is quite powerful against reg bow (Mace CD build) you are not suppose to duel a reg bow in a 1v1 situation because it takes some times to ramp up then start dealing damage also Fire and frost can deal as much damage or even more in most…

  • Fire has stupid high Damage Values if you have not noticed its just that it needs help landing those hits Frost also can achieve those damage values but sacrifices alot of Survivability in exchange Frost has innate CC and a strong mobility W skill which makes it friendlier/easier to play in Smaller scale to mid scale fire on the other hand have very strong choices for E which deals alot of damage in exchange for some power in their Q and W They lack mobility compared to frost but can build more …

  • Group statics is in a good place right now hellgates 2,5,10 is also in a good place corrupted dungeons and the original solo random dungeons took a hit. but i can see why because it was very dominant in past seasons

  • Old Clarent was a Worst Halberd "at its prime" Weakness: less AoE damage, No anti Heal Strengths: stronger Auto attack, move speed (Dependent on stacks), Off hand versatility

  • I would Only Buff the PvP loot if you get a "kill" Maybe make the loot from PvP kill stable at around 600K silver net worth per kill -Slayer level and 300k Silver net worth per kill - stalker level This is because most competitive PvP builds T8 flat T7 artifact equivalent are worth around 1 mil++ The demon loot can stay the way it is Corrupted dungeons is no longer the Go to place to "fame farm" fame farm is static dungeons and open world mobs in the BZ

  • Anyone seen New world example of an economy? where prices are so low in some areas at one point in time that even posting the item cost more than it actual item it self and where end game gear does not trash and instead remains on the player for like forever? at least until new patch releases Definition of shitty economy

  • I am back with another suggestion for reworking Bow to be more balanced Feedback is appriciated on what your point of view would be on the changes This time i wish to change MultiShot which is the source of headache for most players and Speed shot which is one of the most useless skill in the game Assume player is wearing t8 flat and 700 spec Multi Shot (Moved to W3 Skill slot) Release a volley of arrows in a wide cone infront of you knocking back enemy hit Players nearer to you take more damage…