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  • Quote from noxmortus: “what is the orange tiger even worth these days? ” IMO it should be more than the white tiger, as the orange is guaranteed never to be reissued.

  • As @Borbarad has rightly said, the 21:9 resolution is not considered cheating. Please see this post for further information: We need a Fog of War System ASAP!!!

  • Cannot Update?

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    Try now - iOS update just appeared for me.

  • Yes, you can sometimes hear players before you see their nametags. You have to listen carefully but you can often faintly hear a player fighting a mob, or you can hear their horse etc.

  • Quote from daklajakld: “Toxic crying ? A ganker comended you for escaping him, when he probably thought he had you. Can't deal with compliments ? And yes its rare ” Quote from Luminnaria: “Quote from Aedistan: “I don't have much experience with whispers from gankers, but is that the norm or extremely rare compared to toxic crying? ” You understand what "WP" stands for correct? I am confused as to how this is toxic. He is saying you did well escaping the gank. You seem to just want attention. ” Y…

  • premium account

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    No, Premium is only applied to the character you purchase it for.

  • In order for anyone to be able to offer any help, you'll need to be a little more specific about the problem. What platform do you play on? What exactly is happening when you try and run the game? Are you getting any error messages?

  • Not getting the security code

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    Hi @icitrik, If you’ve tried all the measures previously mentioned in this thread, then please send a ticket to the support staff here:

  • I think if this were to happen - and I like your idea - then the SRD entrance should not close after 90s and just remain open. That way they once again become open world content with open world risk, and open world rewards.

  • Hi @belykoral, Welcome to the forum. Item power does indeed lower as durability is lost, but only when an item loses enough durability percentage to become yellow, orange or red (these are displayed as warnings to the left of the mini-map once they reach those states). If an items durability is still green, then no item power is lost. I do not know the actual amount of power that is lost once you hit those low percentages. Getting downed most definitely lowers your durability significantly.

  • Loving those bright red Pest Lizards!!!!

  • Quote from Morwys: “all pointless ” Many feel that about gaming, period. Quote from Robinhoodrs: “If you lose your mount before you zone, when you enter into the next zone you have the protection bubble longer than the mount is on CD, so you can sit there and mount back up with the bubble still on and zone back and make a run for it. ” I actually did not know this, so genuine thanks for posting. Guess I'm stupid too

  • Hi @SusuyaJuuzou Welcome to the forum. As your account was created after that last database sync over from the live server to the test server, your account/device ID doesn't exist there. The test server does not send verification emails. All you can do is wait until the next sync happens. Unfortunately there is no fixed schedule for this. All you can do is try logging in to the test server every now and then.

  • Where are mobs found?

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    Hi @Kath101, You can use the map to see exactly which resources are found in each zone. Press the M key in-game, and the world map will open. Press on a zones name banner to open up the map for that particular zone, and from there you will be able to see which resources and tiers of resources are found in that zone. For instance, this is Birchcopse near Forest Cross. You can see that it has Wood T2-T4, Stone T2-T4 and Hides T2-T4. It also tells you that an average of 9% of those resources will b…

  • It's been reported a couple of times already: Watering 2 fields with single field cast and focus consumption Focus is subtracted correctly.

  • bug with attack

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    Quote from Toxist123: “then people dismount on me they are literally attack me fix it plz, gangers easy kill everything 1:24 ” hi there. This is an exploit that is being abused. Please see this post:…ostID=1189637#post1189637 you should report the incident along with the link to your video to our customer support team to help with the investigations! (e-mail: or create a ticket)

  • Quote from ToothlessRaider: “Quote from Malkalma: “nevermind ” WTF are you talking about? Who is deathkill? ” You're reading Malkalma's signature - it's nothing aimed at you.

  • Quote from Emptyhand: “hello There are many empty plots in Arthur's rest How can i claim 1, is it possible? If so, how much would be the cost Thanks ” Hi @Emptyhand, The plots are used to build crafting stations. This guide should help you understand a bit more about how to acquire one:…ction-System+37?p=1&f=&s=

  • Quote from BreadPirate: “@Tseliteiv When this misfit quoted you he inserted the spam link at the end. Now why would you spend time explaining the game to such an ass muncher? ” Spam link now removed.

  • You have a protection bubble when you enter the dungeon, that lasts as long as your spells timer. You can even leave the dungeon again before your bubble is gone. If you attack or move too far from the entrance, you will lose that bubble. Always make sure your bubble is available, ie. not on cooldown, BEFORE entering any dungeons, otherwise you're risking instant death every time.