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  • Give Steam keys to your active players so that we can give positive reviews to offset the negative reviews. Even though we should get them anyway... maybe this would be another incentive to you all...

  • Gatherer gear buffs disappear

    Setimu - - Bugs


    I sit in the bank, waiting for my gatherer gear buffs to build up. They finish. I leave... And they are back to 0 stacks. I have only tested it out with Quarrier gear, but it appears to happen when you move between zones. Like if you are on an ox with a full load, you see the warning saying YOU ARE SUPER OVERWEIGHT AND MOVE SLOWER etc. I think the game basically strips you and redresses you between zones, and it is stripping my gatherer gear off, and in doing so losing my buffs. It only does it …

  • I love it. I'm as involved as I was day 1, but I know more now. Naysayers will come to this thread. Seems forums aren't the community base they used to be. But don't listen to them. This game is amazing already and has amazing potential for expansion. Edit x2. I'm dumb. Made a mistake

  • Quote from Dethcord: “Good. Move to the open world. It also shows why expeditions were a mistake in the first place. No one would complain now if they wouldn't exist. ” likelikelikelikelikelikelike. Someone else like this post since I could only like it once.

  • I agree, more strictly cosmetic rewards would be nice. But as someone pointed out, give them some time. My concern is that there isn't much reason to do the arena often. I'll do it to earn my sigils and no more. Wins should give 1 sigil a piece, with a similar max per day or something. The way it is now is... uninspiring.

  • the way it is put in- the way it works - it has no practical use. No idea why they even thought to add it. Maybe just as a trap so people waste lp?

  • Quote from AceofSpadesqt: “Quote from LordFrz: “All i see are butt hurt babies who cant have things there way. If devs change it to where you need a 5man to enter, ill grab 2 more guys. IF they change it to require a specific item power, then ill up my item power. If they make it to where my guild specifically cant enter, then ill just harass you while you try and enter a HG. The only carebears I see, are the guys bitchin that they find 4.0 in their special safe space. ” Entering as 5 with 6.1 w…

  • yessssssssssssss. It is 50% again as loud as any other sound effect. Auto attacks, holy explosion, everything is so LOUD. Please equalize the volume.

  • Lack of Plot Territories

    Setimu - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Quote from Targun: “Quote from Korn: “When it comes to the current world size, it's debatable whether is should be expanded. During Beta 2, for example, we had a massive massive game world, and that was pretty much a failure as the player density in zones was just far too small. Even in Beta 3 ” It was a beta. The ending of the beta. The only populated city of Queensmarket had 50-70 online in prime hours. Is it REALLY a reason why now, with thousands online players we have a total of THREE group…

  • There are trees and decorations available from the farm merchant on the island as well as throughout the world in chests and whatnot. The selection is limited, but some decorative options do exist.

  • Quote from Ulfnaor: “Quote from BloodyOwnage: “This thread is so funny, I just can't stop laughing. Do you realize that people who today go into expeditions and safe zones DO NOT WANT TO PEEVEEPEE - they just don't. Trashing gear is going to make gear just not available so base tier instead of being 6.x will be 5.x or 4.x like in earlier betas. Those who don't want to PvP will just leave the game - but you need them, you need those pathetic gatherers fighting for T4 resources - because they get …

  • Quote from Hidei: “Same as everyone, I've almost reached my goal to be able to craft all my combat T6 gear myself, so I can have a blast doing PVP in BZ as much as I want. Being a gatherer, also means pvping daily : ” fucking lolololol yes. Beautiful. I am going to go to sleep tonight with this video on repeat because it is so soothing.

  • Quote from Surl: “Quote from Finalhecate: “Scamming is allowed so long as you don't break the rules. ” What rules do you mean? Within the game world there are no restrictions regarding rules. In other words, there are no rules. The only punishment that threatens a scammer is to despise him. ” I think he means scamming is allowed as long as you don't pull things from a trade window or something, something that isn't intended. Placing a spy and gutting a guild is legit. It's dirty, so post some na…

  • Quote from Loweeeee: “If you give some random with a name similar to your Guild leader the highest rank and privileges etc without properly doing a background check or relaying the request with other officers or guild leader, then you deserve to be taken advantage off. For starters, this is not an exploit, not a hack, this was a well executed infiltration that happened from poor security and mistakes by guild officers. This is not bannable nor worthy of repercussions in the future for similar ac…

  • I like the idea of gear capping red hellgates, maybe. At least something to differentiate from the horde-funded GvG teams running 7.2s in blacks, but still get my hands dirty in full loot... ...with a possibility of victory.

  • Gold Cap

    Setimu - - Feedback & Suggestions


    The "global discount" you see when, for example, upgrading your island or travelling with luggage is SBI affecting the market. Only silver, you will note. As Midgard said, this affects gold, but does not determine it. The discount is currently at 50%. I read somewhere (and I'm phoneposting so no way am I hunting a source) that the global discount will begin to drop when gold reaches 500s. It will reach 0% when gold reaches 1000s. This will help to somewhat limiy gold prices, but by no means cap …

  • Quote from Digit: “Quote from Rolu: “Quote from Ledwulf: “Make Yhg full loot or make rhg seperate out of black ones. ” Red and Black HGs are already separated.If you are going to refute, please provide a link with a Dev saying it is not. ” Quote from Albion Online: “Infernal Hellgate Infernal Hellgates can be entered through red and black zones only. These are the unrestricted version of Hellgates, with the most punishing ruleset but also the best rewards. - Teams: Two teams of five players each…

  • Quote from Poffo: “I think the holy nerf is way over the top especialy the flash nerf its a a flat 10 % + 4 + 4 so its a 14 and 18 % heal nerf...on the bread and butter spell on top of the eye nerf and the energy return on the 3 cast flash removed. ” This... Those numbers are not good for holy heals... holy was hard on mana before. Higher cost for less heal power is a bit brutal, imo. I guess we'll see. I already was working on leveling nature, thank god.

  • Quote from Leylin: “This thread is disgusting. You worry about the sheep quitting, but if they continue to cater to them then most of bz population will quit, me included (and I am a gatherer). It would be unbearably boring to gather if there was no risk involved. ” The unspoken truth is that the sheep and the wolves are all too busy playing and enjoying the game. Soon these trolls will all leave. I look forward to seeing all the real players once the trolling stops.

  • I can't wait for all you whiners to just leave so the forums will just be players who are enjoying the game and want to talk about it. Fuck off already.