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  • RMSbPlXN0P8DeY6c9hUMOcwAAAAASUVORK5CYII= Season 10 Rank 31st This season MudHouse guild (based in Thetford) will be chill and relax, so it's time to spec. up and save silver for the next season. Healthy environment, Lots of experienced members who can guide you through the game. Secured hide outs on a T7 and T8 zone, perfect for fame farming and gathering. English Guild (but mostly Filipino members) you are very much welcome whatever your language is. Guild Activities Fame Farm PvP Avalonian Dun…

  • MobileThor wrote:i agree, same for me. Its pretty much „always“ after ive entered a major city, though i dont have any Performance issues (iPad Pro). this should really be a focus, since its pretty much makes endgame pvp and pve unplayable. I figured it out, you just need to find the sweet spot settings on your device. Mine is Huawei Nova5T my settings are; - Resolution - 1052x509 - FRS - Vsync - Visual Quality - Normal

  • Even if my spell indicator is on, it's really really really hard to PvP. I changed my settings to high to low, just to be sure it wasn't my phone's problem but still I'm getting that issue. I got no problems with the freeze or lags it's just the animation doesn't appear sometimes. I hope this issue will be fix soon More powers!

  • GameSir T1S Gamepad

    Judwig - - Mobile Version


    Does this work well on this game? 2_225889c7-5f96-4143-89e1-da3b681d6f7d.jpg