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  • Quote from Feix: “Reporting a Bug (it's a "bug" because the change worsen QoL): Before Lands Awakened update, the overlay that you've selected for the World Map is remembered until you exit. After the update the overlay is automatically reset after some seconds (I don't know exactly how many seconds but between a few seconds to maybe 20 seconds) after you exit the World Map. The next time you call up the World Map you will find that the overlay that you've previously selected has been reset. ” W…

  • All season points earned from guild and might challenges are bound to your guild and not split with the alliance. Season points from territories, castles, outposts and the crystal league are still split within the alliance.

  • The daily challenge only gives players 10 LP if they have no premium. The change to give out 30 instead of 20LP each day was made in conjunction to the increased fame values that Lands Awakened has to offer. - Hellements

  • Faction chat

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    Caerleon doesn't have a faction chat since it's meant more as a rogue faction, where members of it can still kill each other as long as they aren't in the same party.

  • This sounds as if you were silenced. There's multiple skills that can cause this effect, maybe you were standing inside "Sacred Ground" which is a silence ground effect that maces have. Without a video of the fight, this is just speculation though.

  • Learning points become more efficient if you use them on higher levels. A player made a table on the effect of using LP on combat specs where the result was that it was more than double as efficient to use it on Lvl 90-100 than it was to use it on Lvl 21-30 for example. Here's the full reddit post with the spreadsheet:…y_of_using_lp_to_spec_up/

  • Quote from CDEEKS: “Hi, i have played AO for over 2.5 years and have managed to get my account to over 702m fame (200m pvp fame). i now have no money or real money to buy albion gold so the account is useless to me. i was curious what are the rules around trading accounts for silver so if someone wants a great well rounded pvp account with many items to max level for silver so i can still play on my alt account or is this against rules i am unclear on this thank you. ” You aren't allowed to trad…

  • Beginner's Guide?

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    For the start I think our Albion Online Wiki serves as a good starting point. Specifically I would suggest the New Player FAQ, there's a lot of linked topics in there that should answer a lot of your questions. On Youtube I can recommend starter guides by Leyvi & FlaccidBaron but there are also other creators out there that make good and informative videos. To answer a few of your specific questions: The starting point almost doesn't matter, all the starter zones have all the low tier resources …

  • Hey, as you mentioned you can try to reach out to our customer support and see if they are able to help you. You can contact them via your profile.

  • Bandit assault

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    You'll have to flag up at your local faction master when you see the bandit assault announcement. Once it starts you need to participate in taking outposts in the red zones to qualify for rewards. Also minimum 700 average IP is required to get rewards from faction warfare.

  • That's absolutely no problem. If your faction has low recruitment rates you will get increased amounts of faction points. Martlock currently has a point multiplier of 148.99% so doing faction warfare activties will be very lucrative.

  • Did you check in-game under your appearances if the skin has already been applied to your account? If its still not there please contact support.

  • Quote from Samohoar: “I have another question. If my guild has an island and the creatir of the guild allocated me a part of it, am I allowed to do whatever I want on that part? I mean, we talked and he told me he allocated me part of the island. Can I build a farm on my part or he has to do it? And Thanks for the reply. ” That would depend on the permissions that he gave you. If he gave you co-owner or builder you can build a house or theoretically a crafting station on it, if not he would have…

  • Hey and welcome to the game! 1. Go to a travel planner in any city and see if the guild island shows up on the list (should be one of the first entries), if there is a travel cost involved the island is probably in another city. You can travel naked to other cities to check if it's there but usually your guildmates can answer that question too. 2. Private islands require you to purchase tat least 30 days of premium, you can do this with silver, gold or real money. 3. Each of the outer royal citi…

  • lose silver

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    Hey, if you've sold a bulk of items (for example 100 stone blocks) you will only receive the market notification after all of those items have been sold. This leads to the issue that many of those items could've been sold earlier than the last item of that bulk. You receive the silver as soon as an item sells but will only receive the notification after the last one. This way you might've seen that your market offer made 1 million silver but you only received 100k after you got the message becau…

  • I cant join guild for 1 Year

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    I moved this to the bugs section, seems more fitting to me.

  • 2+ Player Group in SRD

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    Fame and loot are split amongst all party members, in your example both players would get 50% of the fame and silver. Drops can be a bit more random, especially if you get a valuable item which obviously can't be split.

  • Quote from MrGrapes2654: “is there any special battle mount that only come for this season? ” Players will be able to receive the tower chariot if they qualify for their reward. This mount was given out as a reward for the GvG Season 5 and will likely be overhauled as mentioned at the bottom of the NDA patch notes.…027b812d62c25de0d86182402

  • World bosses respawn on every uneven hour. This was changed for Season 13, you can read more about it here: Changes for Guild Season 13

  • Black hands will get a complete rework as mentioned by Retroman here.