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  • Hellow. This is not the first time I've seen a bot prowling the albion biomes. Not only collecting materials, but also selling gold / silver inside the game by pm and so on. If I am not mistaken it is the third topic I am doing and I have not received any response from the management about this problem. Yes, it's a big problem! Big success (and best-of-breed) games crashed because they did not contain the bots in the games. Ragnarok, Tibia and Line Age are great examples of this. I paid the game…

  • HELLO, WE NEED TALK ABOUT THIS, THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME I SEE. AND A LOT MORE IN THIS GAME, NOT ONLY BOT FOR FARM GOLD, EXIST A LOT A MORE. PLS. DO SOMETHING! THIS GAME WILL BE BROKEN IN MOUTH, IF U DO NOT DO THIS. WE NEED A GAME GUARD/ GAME SHILD, WHATEVER! I DON'T PAY THIS GAME FOR THIS! Sorry my inglesh Olá, precisamos falar sobre isso! Existem muitos bots nesse jogo, não só para farm de gold/silver, mas também para coleta de recursos. O jogo não possui proteção nenhuma! E não pagamos esse…

  • Tks for help guys! one last question, if i delete my acount forum? i can create another? hehe

  • Hi, i need now how i can change my name on forum, or save one name for me on release. Sorry my inglesh. Olá galera! Gostaria de saber como mudar meu nome no fórum ou salvar um nome para o inicio de Albion. Tks, for help me! Obg, por ajudar!


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    Quote from Musket-Squid: “Had the same problem after this update I got this when I try to start the game. api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll. have tried to get a fix yet to no success. ” We dont have suporte here =\

  • Tks for help C.O

  • - Inglesh Hello, I am very unhappy with the last update of this game. And I imagine that I am not the one to talk about it. I'm sorry to say. This game is so good, I have a regret to talk about a problem about it. But this unfortunately is the situation I find myself in this game. This is one of the problems that has recently been happening in the game; - Day Update 09.28.2016 has not been resolved and we are already on 06.10.2016. - Before and after the update of the day 28.09, games are crashi…

  • All crash reports pls post here!

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    Post the same for u guys? Nome do Sistema Operacional Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Versão 6.1.7600 Compilação 7600 Fabricante do Sistema Operacional Microsoft Corporation Fabricante do sistema Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. Modelo do sistema GA-78LMT-USB3 6.0 Tipo do sistema x64-based PC Processador AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor, 3500 Mhz, 6 Núcleo(s), 6 Processador(es) Lógico(s) Versão/data do BIOS Award Software International, Inc. F2, 25/11/2014 Versão do SMBIOS 2.4 Camada de…

  • here again;

  • Quote from Perfectdark: “You can make a thread in the report section Report Cheats and Exploits ” I dont know so much of forum, sorry.

  • Today was collecting material on T2 king's and came across the following situation (image); reference image In addition to bot for silver collection, resources, etc. Now we have bot making sales in cities. PLEASE DO NOT LET THAT TAKE A WAY BIGGER THAN ALREADY! We need the staff to take care of this problem.

  • Achei uma boa ideia, já havia pensado nisso e tals, cheguei a imaginar que eles fariam isso no mamute como montaria. A única coisa que eu descordo nisso é a questão de ser qlqr montaria, deveria ter suas especificas e com tier acima de seis. (minha opinião)

  • Quote from ruhbann: “Quote from DHRAKAN: “Pls staff, fix this bug... We need ur help with this. This is a great guild and we can much better if u help us. tks for all. ” No need "Please" or anything this is them WORK we are pay money for that!! We are play for them fixed this noobie bugged.. If them WAKE UP i hope soon fix this is.. Them very fast fixed fcking a guardian mob health or attack etc but if them for that very slowly why we are play this idiot game i dont understand.!!! ” i only talk …

  • Pls staff, fix this bug... We need ur help with this. This is a great guild and we can much better if u help us. tks for all.

  • A God never dies

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    5PuNpp.png Parece que todos cairam na bait!

  • Quote from Exc: “Quote from HungryGhost: “eve-market1.jpg 2f425fa346c7fece5764bd025b08c65940f3b198.jpeg PC interface, really? ” EvE shows way too much information for the average player. Not saying it's bad but I cant tell whats been sold/brought on the eve market. ” in my opinion, this AI is much better than the EvE, to why, as the friend up there said, is cleaner, and for new players, it helps a lot. In addition to the design is a wonder

  • Nada amigo, intenção era mostrar que eu não tinha conhecimento mesmo xD Bem, eu deveria ter pensado como um técnico de eletrônica e acharia o sentido no nome, que por sinal, é muito maneiro! Quote from U4656H: “Perdoe-me se dizer que trabalhei no Suporte tenha soado como se eu quisesse invalidar os seus argumentos, não foi isso! Você não está errado, o questionamento é válido e apontar soluções é mais válido ainda. Aproveitei para informá-lo que estes softwares geralmente não são tão eficazes qu…

  • Please delete

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    Good Lucky BrO! Great Job u make here! we see in game! @Stormlord

  • Great Job bro! @Stormlord

  • Quote from Leandro: “Congratulations !!! So far the best video released. Finally a simulation with gameplay. Good job SBI ” /\ I think the same! Great video! Congrats!