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  • Yeah, nice discussion, not much to OP's (mine) point, but I do agree with natures needing buff (who cares, right?). So end of the story is, new random dungs were NOT meant as content for solo players, I don't care about faming nature, I need to fame my bow. So back to wolves that is.

  • Anybody managed to clear them in non-wonky gear? I've tested T4 dungeon in Black zone and was not able to kill (mini)bosses neither some spawns (duo knights that throw knockback windy spell on ground). Majority of spawns required pulling and leashing. I was 6.1 regular bow with mage robe with decent specs. How did you fare?

  • I am pretty sure there was a a way on these forums to unsubscribe from certain subforums (eg. 'Guild Recruitment') and those forums were no longer generating posts in your Unread Posts feed. Did this functionality moved / was removed? I cannot find it anymore. EDIT: Found it! It's small eye icon on the top right of forums frame when you go to forums home (click on Forums tab).

  • Discuss, please. My personal experience is there is still lack of 5.2 (and 4.2 to certain extent). I have 1.5 stack of 6.2 wood (from wood bosses mainly) sitting in bank. Last time I went for 6.2 planks refining, I bought up all 5.2 planks on the market (really, to to last piece, there were maybe 40 in Caerleon). I always look up for 4.2 and 5.2 resources to gather when running around black but rarely come back with some and if I do, it's mostly 6.2 (in t4-t6 Anglia zones). It seems that buff de…

  • Quote from PrintsKaspian: “Cap for Auto Attack Max Damage Increase: 200% -> 300% ” Can someone elaborate what this one is about? Or is it simply being implemented due to Enchanted Quiver (E) of regular bow increasing in damage stacked? I am not really aware of any autoattack focused builds that would focus to reach (current) 200% damage bonus, if you wonder why I asked.

  • Suggestion for HCE

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    I do very well understand objections people have against HCEs. I believe removal (or serious nerf) to HCEs WILL hurt the game for one single reason: considering all factors (efficiency of fame farm per hour, pretty much zero chance to be stopped fame farming before you want to, etc.), there is simply nothing remotely close if you mean fame farming seriously. Portion of those 24/7 people would just leave the game and thus Albion's economy. IF this gets changed (and FF in openworld will be vastly …

  • Copy Paste Support

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    Clock's ticking till thread gets removed (?) I sincerely believe they should be trying to be more helpful in such cases. If I insist on being innocent I am either liar or really innocent, but it wouldn't hurt to check in any case, right? I dread the day they will ban my account after thousands of hours in and hundreds of euros invested. That's actually the main reason why I am very hesitant to put any more RL currency into the game at this point. I hope for best of both sides they change the att…

  • Thanks for exhaustive explanation. I still think it makes no sense to not let victor loot what he rightfully killed, no matter what the circumstances are. I'd reather see non-participants being disallowed to loot which I don't think is always (should I say 'is very rarely') the case.

  • And while at it, please add current amount of available Focus to login screen so I don't need to log through each character to see if I have max focus already.

  • Quote from Equartus: “Chapter.11 ! ” Very nice! Thanks for promoting solo (but honestly a bit misleading, because 4.1 won't cut it unless you have veteran specializations :P). Anyway, well done. What about that 'Loot is protected' in the vid? Is that some sort of bug? You killed the guy but cannot loot.

  • Nice one, I am a little bit sorry they took away such smart outplays at enemy territories watchtower. That one always satisfied me to the bottom of my heart!

  • I'd like to see arenas more easily reachable (from the queue time perspective). Currently, only way to make it to arena is to do it as semi-afk activity while watching Netflix or similar. Incentives would certainly help to certain extent. It seems that healers are in shortage particularly, I'd try significantly boosting daily rewards for healers to motivate people run those as well. Fame reward would be the most valuable from my perspective. Double or tripple those for healers and situation will…

  • Tens of minutes waiting time was 'normal' for me for months now (unless queuing as healer). Seems there's not that many people playing arenas (which is weird as it's excelent introduction to group pvp with quite okayish rewards and it's not too shabby for keeping your skills sharp). When I don't have time for anything else I try to at least grab daily chest + some arenas. But that's difficult with 10-20 wait time as very least for every single arena. Maybe people moved to scrims?

  • I tested all bows in leather gather gear and damage is not issue with either of them as you get very decent help from your Poison hide skill. Rest depends on the scenario: 1. When gathering in relative safety of rather silent black zone with territory nearby - You can use more comfortable skills instead on focusing on survivability. That means Poison hide skill on chest and Bow according your targeted animals. If gathering T6 hide mostly, any bow will kill kill direwolf quickly, so it comes to p…

  • I hope for such visual aid for long time, thanks for making a thread.

  • Quote from Dwn: “It is ironic that the "entry-level" crystal GVG's are only accessible for guilds that have gained territories via "end-game" GVGs. ” I was wondering about exactly the same since I learned you need territory to participate. I actually like the core of idea of every guild having one 'territory tower' - guild island tower, it would ensure every guild can participate and gather points. No one will be in advantage or disadvantage and it would provide reasonable statistics every guild…

  • Specialization Milestones

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    Quote from Khladraven: “But that the perks are tied to the same boundaries ” I see now. It would help with balance for sure. Any extra incentive to bring higher tier of items would help with economy too.


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    +1 for pure T5 and Speed shot! I enjoyed the video.

  • Quote from Owlsane: “To nerf the BL they had to nerf an all dagger slot ” I am pretty much in the same boat, I expected they will target BL specifically and the most problematic skill - 'E'. BUT... if this works, I am happy, I guess the time will tell.

  • Quote from Retroman: “Regarding Point 5), we will make a change to Crystal Realm battles for Season 5: ” I really was hoping for 'we are opening this activity for players who don't own territory'... nevermind, it's worth waiting for the goodness, back to waiting.