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  • What would be the form of this refining bonus? Is it similar at all to the 15% material return?

  • I am a T7 skinner based in Bridgewatch like many others. I have a T5 personal island with quite a lot of time invested into it. Having progressed as far as I have, I'm finding myself wanting to go into the black zone more and more often. Were it not for my island, I would have moved my belongings to Caerleon and based myself there. Are any plans to make the cities other than Caerleon more viable for players who have have progressed enough to leave them, but are heavily invested in them? I hope a…

  • .. Refining bonus?

  • If I'm reading that correctly, you only get about 3k silver from a T6 journal. Hardly seems worth the investment..

  • Portals to the BZ

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    I'd support any measure to make the cities other than Caerleon viable. I'm now heavily invested in my personal island at Bridgewatch, while also wanting to go into the black zones more and more, and therefore having to make the trip between Bridgewatch and Caerleon more often. Caerleon is too overcrowded as it is. The other cities need a buff. With the current state of affairs, it's inevitable that players will move to Caerleon once they have progressed far enough.

  • Bit hard if they don't know what mob has the key.

  • When you are a new player, those 'cursed chests' and alike that contain around three thousand silver are quite valuable. Too often one is busily fighting the mobs guarding the chest only for another player to come along and take the chest for themselves. I suggest that one of the guarding mobs ought to possess a lootable key to the chest.

  • Got this problem as of about ten minutes ago.

  • Sometimes you want to know how many levels you are on in a repeatable skill without having to check the destiny board. For example, one must advance 'Shield Fighter' to level 10 before one can use tier 5 shields, which is clearly a more notable milestone when compared to the levels between one and ten. It would be helpful to be able to see this value at a glance of your destiny board dialogue box.

  • I think it'd be nice if there were there another type of gathering mount with a particular focus on working one particular area for a long period. The defining trait of such a mount would be that its 'radius' when the player is not mounted is relatively large. This enables the player to gather resources from a larger area without having to mount again. Possible balancing properties: - A 'dismount' time, which represents the time to set up the camp. - Slow mount speed

  • Trial Promotion

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    Quote from TreyH: “I completely see your point but if they were limiting it where you can only do so much on this trial in order to avoid gold farming and such. I just say because gamers like me want to experience the game before we play you don't go to the movie theater and pay to watch a movie that doesn't have a trailer. better example, you don't go to a car lot to buy a car and not go for a test drive before buying. ” Yeah, they could just make it so that you can't message people unless you …

  • Is Silver needed?

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    Honestly. Without a currency, it'd just make commerce so much more annoying to deal with. That, and silver is already integral to the game's design.

  • This sounds suspiciously like Ultima Online's system..

  • I had this idea earlier that it'd be nice if there were larger, unguilded territories that anyone could build in, and that guilds who owned territories in the zone could fight for dominance over. I.e. they wouldn't be able to take ownership of the territory, but they'd fight for access to taxes produced by crafting and refining in the territory. You could even let the denizens of the territory function like a "guild" in that they could fight to remove their ruler's ownership, and free themselves…

  • - It's already far less gear-based than most MMORPGs. The difference between T1 and T8 is nowhere near as great as the difference between level 1 and level.. What is it now in WoW, 90? - To get the stronger gear requires skill, in logistics, organisation, and all aspects of PvP and GvG combat.

  • This may already be the case, but shouldn't the building determine the refining speed? You don't use your skinning knife when tanning. You use the tanner building. If the tanner building is a higher tier than the tier of the material you are refining. It should refine more quickly.

  • Let me get this straight. Are you saying that when a game, as part of playing it, requires you to stand still, do nothing, and watch a progress bar fill up for 5 minutes, that that makes it an "anti-ADHD" game?" There's a great deal of difference between having to stay focused, and having to do nothing at all. I, for one, do not meditate on the progress bar.

  • @Immel There's nothing hardcore about simply having to wait for 5 minutes while you craft something. If the game itself calls for you to do something else, surely, something is wrong.

  • Agreed. I'm starting to feel this pain as well. I find myself alt+tabbing out of the game when crafting lately.

  • Mounts and Wagons

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    @Pathurs My point was that everything costs, and the simplest, most effective solution is the best one. The feature creep rabbit hole is effectively infinite.