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  • Selling> Command Mammoth 67mil, T8 Relics 350k each, bulk energy 6,500 silver each

  • This is terrible. It just adds more horse simulator.

  • They would just rotate characters.

  • 1. Make it so any character can sign up for one EU and one NA crystal everyday. 2. Make it so your character can invite anyone to your crystal gvg 3. Make a crystal gvg battlevault tab in Caerleon where the bank chest is. 4. Players spawn into their crystal gvgs from Caerleon 5. Create a leader-board where every participating crystal gvg character has a rank, matching system becomes based on average team member rating 6. Remove old crystal tower system 7. Return tower energy production to prener…

  • Easy YES! Best idea since nerfed hellgate loot! SBI are genius

  • No Crystal Rewards 19:00 UTC 11/23/18

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  • Quote from Jolder: “I know that it doesn't feel good to see a smaller number after the update. But the problem here is that rewards from season points all have a certain value and are balanced in a way that we give a fixed value per point. Now If we drastically increase season points available, we would give out far more of these rewards (which will have a bad impact on the economy). If it would be all about 'perceiving' the higher number we could multiply everything by 10 but in the end the rel…

  • @Jolder Why are season points for Anglia being reduced by 50%, Cumbria by 42% and Mercia only by 36%? This isn't fair for guilds that hold Anglia or Cumbria territories. A better system would be to keep a territory's default energy production the same as it is now and just make crystal gvgs add additional season points if the crystal gvg team wins. Psychologically its much worse to nerf something and force the players have to do more just to get back to the points level they were before the nerf…

  • Keep it at 4 UTC. Its a little late for EST NA but its great for the middle and west parts of the country who already suffer from GvG drought since regular GvGs end at 5utc.

  • PHRASING is recruiting active EU and NA fighters to bolster our numbers. Responsibilities include mage defense and warcamp attendance when at all possible. English proficiency required. What PHRASING offers: 1. 0% guild tax 2. Membership in the POWER alliance 3. Priority dungeon fame farms 4. Generous gathering contracts 5. Daily EU and NA content How To Apply: 1. Post an in game screenshot of your stats screen and character select screen here (see example picture). 2. Post your local time zone …

  • If they run into another group in 8.2 gear (who they don't know), then it is likely both sides will notice the other's high level gear and be concerned about losing their own gear, and then both sides will talk it out and split the chest rather than risk losing tens of millions. It is even possible a discord channel for running this sort of cheese setup/sharing would emerge, making the mutual money making system even more popular. Some high level teams in 8.2 might duke it out sure, but people w…

  • The problem is that can be cheesed. Two groups in 8.2 work together to kill their bats at the same time and hope to get each other in the gate (50/50). Then they group up inside and share the fat loot.

  • The cooldown reduction reported by the mistcaller when it is in your inventory is different from the number reported when equipped, which is also different from the number reported in your player inventory stats page. The number reported in your inventory stats page is the most accurate compared to what you actually get. Please see attached image for details. Please fix the UI on mistcaller so that the reported cooldown reduction is accurate to what you get. Please also consider improving the hi…

  • Balancing the loot variance would help too. Currently, the most common chest is a few t4 runes and 0-2 cheap black market items. Every 20 or so gates you might get a "good" chest with a value around 500k, which has a much higher value than the 19 other chest with t4 runes you previously got. Loot should be adjusted so the chests you get most often are valued around the average value of all the chests you get. That way you won't have days where you get almost nothing at all if you don't get lucky…

  • 2v2 Hellgates

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    It would seem that if the reality of the game is different from how the patch notes describe the game, then that would fit under the definition of a "bug."

  • 2v2 Hellgate Loot Change

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    Did some red 5s and even some yellow 5s for the lolz. The loot in red/black 2s on a per person basis is still the lowest by far.

  • bump

  • 2v2 Hellgate loot tables bugged

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    Often times you get a full loot 2v2 hellgate chest with only 11-12 t4 runes in it. Some blues chests are better than this! How does this balance risk with reward at all?

  • Sometimes the loot in the blues chest is better than the loot in the full loot 2v2 chest. Makes no sense.

  • @Tabor The only response so far was from a Mod in the bug report section, who indicated that the current loot table for 2s is not a bug (even though the loot is way worse than the patch notes indicate, so it IS a bug), and if we want to report that it was over nerfed, then we should report it in the feedback section. Threads have been posted by many players in multiple sections of the forum. I haven't found a dev reply anywhere yet though.