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  • blackmarket nerf + zones around caerleon are more alive and dangerous than ever = no loot

  • More like 1 terry per alliance. Dont see a reason why an alliance should hold more without a huge organization debuff.

  • But they get cancelled, not expired, that can be easily reproduced, I zone in less than a second, but all sprints are cancelled after I zone, even when they are 6 seconds long.

  • TBH I don't care at all, scout can move to the first room to counter this. Just wanted to know if I get banned for this or if its intended. Devs say its intended so Im going to use it when necessary and counter it when necessary. Don't know why you scumbags are that dumb and argue bout shit here.

  • Now it's confirmed that zoning with Invisibility Potion is intended here:…nvisibility-after-zoning/ Now i want to ask, why Specter shoes get's interupted and why Specter Boars invisibility is interrupted as well after zoning. IDC in which way, but please keep the logic constant. It should work the same for all kinds of invisibility and abilites. Also why do sprints get interrupted by zoning in, but wanderlust still stacks up? Help.

  • Intended? Keep invisibility after zoning

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    that wasn't the question, stop polluting my thread, thx.

  • ATM you can drink an invisibility potion and use wanderlust before zoning into dungeon. You keep the invisibility and wanderlust so you can skip most scouts and have an easy dive. Is it glitchabusing or working as intended? Same with assassins jacket and undead Cape.

  • Its to easy to abus, use VPN "im brazil" and get my free 90% off. This and maintaining the different locations is more expensive than the small wins due to a few thousand brazils.. Im sorry buddy

  • it's not just srd, but all dungeons. BMAH is just way to slow, especially t6 and up. That's all they need to do, increase loot. Shifting it around would still drop not enough.

  • Ähem *Gitarre stimm*: Through & Torrid Through & Torrid Through & Torrid Through & Torrid Through & Torrid Through & Torrid Through & Torrid Through & Torrid ARCH ARCH ARCH ARCH ARCH ARCH ARCH ARCH Through & Torrid Through & Torrid Through & Torrid Through & Torrid Through & Torrid Through & Torrid Through & Torrid Through & Torrid Inspiration: danke *verbeug*

  • I'm a big fan of natural development. Remove disarray, remove smart queue, don't punish newbs in big alliances. Implement what should already be in the game: friendly fire when fighting with more than 20 guys. Start with 10% shared damage and go up to 50% when more than 100. And you will naturally see how zergs are shrinking. A big zergs will be countered by small zergs crushing into them. It would feel realistic and doesn't prefer elitist nor noobs.

  • Quote from FriendlyFire: “Quote from TheBacon: “So you think that an Albion where only ZvZ players have a chance of joining guilds that territories and/or good hideouts is a good thing?! ” Joining a "good" guild just to gather for them isn't something to be encouraged, that's what people call slave guilds. Guilds still need gear to fight. They will either pay for it, or incorporate crafters/gatherers as full members. ” Just close T7 and T8 Zones with your ganking squad. You'll swim in ressources…

  • Another roundhouse kick for all non elite groups. Now they are not forced to join an alliance, but to just quit the game and donate their stuff to me.

  • Quote from Zoream: “I just take a low level with me, I kill, they gather the silver. ” Sounds like a rented version of the looting pet, noice!

  • Dear community, I'am just a nobody, trash, arch member. But let's put that aside. Currently i see many complains regarding big alliances. Most of which i think, are not even against the alliances, but the lack of usefullnes out of them. Not only from small guilds and small alliances, but also from the big players. Ikigai, the value of your work There is a japanese concept called Ikigai, which is used to describe the value of worth. It is used to find the purpose of something, be it your work, yo…

  • I'd love to have allys removed, just to see all the newbs cry about "Blue Army, Black 0rder, RAQ, Awful Company, Brazilian Company, Albion Choppers, BFO, Last Warn, CIR and many many more strong guilds wrecked us, why HUGE guilds own everything?! Remove guilds !!11oneone!" And then cry about all the strong players owning them. Sure, remove the ally option and start accepting, that there are real hardcore players in this game.

  • Quote from UNFM: “Quote from blappo: “Quote from UNFM: “you cant gear up and spec up, becouse everything is camped by big alliances.. ” nothing is camped by big alliances, i can run dungeons for hours without being dove t5 & t7 ” Interesting, which TP are you locked, Im in martlock and martlock in unplayable by arch.. everything camped 24/7 by 20+ ppl. even you try make small scale pvp like 10v10 5v5 in 5min came 20+ arch and GG.#edit T5-T7 dungeons ?? also solo or group dungeons we talk about ?…

  • Quote from legrant: “Quote from Fuat: “Dont remove just make a limit for alliances... Like max 10 guild can be in an alliance... ” Like max 5 guild and limit guild member 200 ” So you have 1000 players per ally and need to do something like BigAllyName1-5 for 5000 players. I don't see the improvement here.

  • It would change nothing. An alliance is a big community that plays together. It wouldn't divorce because there is no ingame function for it. Small players that are not part of that community, wouldn't be able to settle in the territory of that community either. It would turn out even worse for small guilds, because communication and organization is king. And a few big guilds that are organized well and communicate well are easier to handle, than tons of small guilds that are loosely grouped toge…