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    HI Im the only one that started to have ping problems in random places for no reason? entering scrim arena or going to island (and not talking about open world) I can enter and reenter the zone to get one time 100ping next time 800 so ... Im the only one or not ?

  • In game name - Gatsas / alt - tutas Highest gathering tool you can use and which one is it - t8 wood What's your main build and what tier do you have unlocked? - t8 glaive/1h spear for gvg / zvz - t8 tank Any experience in the outlands? - a lot in bz Last 3 previous guilds - exertion (old) , vytis, cumbo Reason you'd like to join - ppl4beer gvg team , daily zvz. Can anyone currently in the guild vouch for you? /Do you know anyone in the guild? - all ppl4beer gvg team.

  • Hector weapon tier list

    Gatsas - - Chronicles of Albion


    This Build leads Glaive to Top A spot on Meta and it called Touch of God (Best spear build ) GvG/HG free all to look and vote Up New Glaive Meta

  • Spears is Top Tier GvG/Hg Item . This Glave Build Will by One that change all game in GvG and Hg for sure free to look at it and Votu up . New Meta is COMING SOON !!!