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  • Idk if this is necroing a post but here is my suggestion, how about working out the mechanism of Whispering Bow to function as the Impetus Skill of Enchantrees in DOTA? Basically auto attacks that hits exponentially harder as a target goes far from you. This would be very OP but maybe add a restriction to movement while the skill is in effect, maybe make the caster unable to move until he stops the skill.

  • So after seeing the exciting Mimic ability for Arcane on the pvp side, what would it do for pve? This would be kinda imbalanced if arcane will be able to copy boss skils .

  • Quote from iRawr: “Yea like mouse with double click button. Or 16*9 resolution. Of fast processor and SSD that make you load maps faster and run for 1 screen before others loading. Or even worse, mouse that use laser instead balls so you can move it more accurate and fast, or mechanical keyboard with low latency and better reaction. Depend on this rule, all of this is not allowed. I think all players from NA also not allowed, coth they have 20-35 ping, when other players 150+ what gives em huuuu…

  • Master Looter

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    Is there a master looter option for big raids like avalonian dungeons?

  • Hello, Im an avid pve player and have been doin hce content non stop. The problem is most of albion’s pve skill system center around spamming Q 90%of the time. So my question Is it allowable to make my keyboard use its function to press the button repeatedly while i hold it down instead of repeatedly banging one button? Or does this violate the terms and conditions of the game? Itll either be my finger broken or my keyboard if i do this more.

  • I have a hard time finding a station now with the new icons on map. Please bring back the old ones for maybe only the map or just make better ones. Having everything look the same just makes the map more confusing.

  • Nah I would rather have my advantages hidden to surprise my attacker or victim. Having a visual cue from someone having 400/400 would only encourage fleeing and less pvp so i think its a bad idea.