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  • Quote from tiglie: “So many carebears. This is why your game will fail SI, catering to these retards. ” It has already failed as far as I'm concerned, pvp is the only thing in the game - it might as well be seen as Quake FFA.

  • Confused about Questing

    VioNectro - - Beginner's Questions


    The game is rather drab and pointless if you are not interested in pvp. From a content perspective even EVE has more.

  • Quote from FilmChaos: “This would break the game. ” Why?

  • 1. Larger World 2. Better Tutorial. 3. More Quests/Content.

  • T5 and up Blue areas

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    Quote from fewcool: “Basically the game stops for many at T5. ” Correction T4. Couldn't force myself through the boring grind any further.

  • I also wish I could refund, however the main issue for me is the game just isn't fun... and I am a casual.

  • Economic Crash

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    Quote from Slash78: “You're right, I didn't get it. And I don't agree. Durability should mean something. And repairing should be a thing. Repairing should cost mats, no matter what item, no matter where you're at. Endless repair? Maybe not. Breaking only when it reaches 0% durability? I would be willing to give a small percentage change after 50% durability loss, increasing slightly as usage goes on. But we'll have to agree to disagree. ” From a convenience perspective the system can take the av…

  • Expeditions

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    Quote from Vlad87: “Reasons for kicks in expeditions- - Mage/ ranged DPS with plate chest as tank to get a faster spot in expedition. - Tank not using taunt + threat generation, bad pulls. - Rushing before healer recovers mana. - Poor healer - Poor tank - Sits in AOE's - Ranged DPS doing bad pulls Its pretty rare to be kicked like you were I wouldn't worry about it too much. ” Not everyone knows these roles, and there is no guide so it is normal for a new player to walk up in plate clicking tank…

  • Quote from Harambae: “Quote from TheCheapStuff: “Quote from Mirean: “If you don't like reputation loss, go to black and PvP. Red zone is supposed to be targeted PvP, as per the Dev post. If you see someone running around with a nice glowing weapon, it may be worth the rep loss for that one kill. If you kill every carebear you see, then you eventually get punished for trying to abuse the zone. ” The punishment needs to be a bunch of +rep players coming back and pushing your shit in, NOT the game …

  • Years ago we used to have a unofficial UO shard going, there to combat this type of bottling we had two systems - if it was odd hours and the person hasn't been in combat the system would send the user a prompt to answer a random question either math or multi select - kinda like some sites do for captcha today, the other system was manual in that periodically a staff member would visit the player involved for a short period and if he thought the person may have been AFK mining or something he wo…

  • Graphic Bug Melee Weapon

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    I saw this issue using T4 broadsword with heroic strike if I'm not mistaken - it definitely happens when other characters use it as well since I have seen those triangle flashes when I just drive around gathering and people were fighting around - probably just a glitch in the effect on the swing for one of those skills.

  • They would just add a small journey to their script. and return to the same spot afterwards.

  • Graphic Bug Melee Weapon

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    I have seen this happen as well, 1080Ti Nvidia machine latest drivers. *Edit: This is running on 144hz on a 1440p panel @ unlimited frames.

  • Quote from Azyzz: “Quote from VioNectro: “Quote from Dragnon: “Pro tip. Get off the pleb royal island. ” Or just make royal island bigger. ” Why should royal island be bigger? ” "Too much players in every zone"

  • I feel the same, just rage quitted the queue...

  • Quote from Dragnon: “Quote from VioNectro: “Quote from Dragnon: “Pro tip. Get off the pleb royal island. ” Or just make royal island bigger. ” the world is big enough. People need to just spread out. Too many people are playing this game that shouldn't because they can't hang with full loot pvp. The population will drop significantly in the coming weeks. ” Players are always going to cluster around a market where they can sell there stuff a make profit.I was chatting on another thread and someon…

  • Quote from Fikus: “Quote from BRiCK: “Quote from vvaridus: “Quote from craneology: “Quote from Bigbouf: “I've bought the game two days ago. yesterday was a nightmare to play a lot of lag (evening EU time) Now i was disconnect on my island because can't go back on town. Waiting to reconnect the queu doesn't work. I've wait the last moment to buy this game because don't want to play in beta but is like beta. And finally no possible to refund... ” Oh really now.Have you ever played an MMO when it i…

  • Quote from Bercilak: “[...] or rework the Royal Continent to have more than 5 main cities. [...] ” This is what it is going to take: more than 5 cities since players will always cluster around cities since it is the market/chest.

  • Quote from Dragnon: “Pro tip. Get off the pleb royal island. ” Or just make royal island bigger.

  • Need bigger world with more cities.