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  • Quote from PrintsKaspian: “which could number in the hundreds per day for some players ” I think this points to mail being inappropriate for this function in general. No one reads hundreds of mails like that.

  • Hi, I wanted to double-check, is the game placing people in /english by default? That could be why there's virtually no English actually being spoken at certain hours of the day. I have zero problem with people using whatever language they're conversant in, but the outcome here is that there's effectively no actual English chat channel. Which is a little weird.

  • Quote from Bogul: “or, you know - how about an actual log of silver expenses and income instead of mails that you can export and analyze ” Yeah, I don't really have any use for 80+ mails in my inbox every time I log in.

  • Hi there, looked around but couldn't really get a handle on this one. Is there any reason to use an enchanted or higher quality version of these gathering capes? It doesn't seem to increase the amount you can carry as you go from x.0 to x.1, or normal to good to etc. Only the item power seems to be increasing. Would you want the additional item power just for when you have to fight? Thanks!

  • Option for Paid Skin

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    It does seem like this might increase their sales of the skins.

  • Hi, I'm guessing someone has already suggested this in the past, but I can't seem to find it via the forum search. Just a little one button thing that you could hit to check whether that name is taken, rather than hitting create, then approve, and only then being told it's unavailable.

  • Quote from VaWoo: “EVE online, the game which never will be old. Albion is one of those games which needs a huge time... Sadly I haven't got it, so Albion is the game for the weekend and EVE for evenings. Anyway, I can't wait for the New World. This game should be available to play right now, but the devs changed the date of the premier. ” Only a few days into Albion, but tons of similarities with Eve seems like.

  • Thank you for the reply, I'm pretty sure I did imbibe the potion (and it's not in my inventory any longer, I wouldn't have thrown it out for some reason). I'm guessing the item I made was invalid for the quest for some reason. The workaround I landed on is this: they also give you a token for three days of free premium. I'd forgotten I even have that, so after using that, I think I should accumulate some focus, and then hopefully I'll be able to complete the quest.

  • Very Beginning Focus Quest

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    Hi, I believe I must have screwed something up, though I'm not sure quite how. In Forest Cross (where you're dropped if you choose to go towards Lymhurst), one of the quest guys will give you a focus potion, and ask you to craft a T2+ item. I thought I did that, crafting a bag, but the quest didn't seem to advance. All the places where I can select focus show some number in red / 0 (so 197 / 0), which is a little confusing, but I'm guessing that implies I need 197, and I have 0. As a f2p, is the…