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  • Quote from Borbarad: “Shrugs. One issue with battleaxe is that it´s hard to hit with it. ” I have tested the hitboxes VS Warbow E and they seem to be almost identical, sometimes the battleaxe projectile even showed to be slightly more in size. But there's one significant issue - Hitdelay (for projectiles it means time between button press and the projectile coming out). Battleaxe has significantly more hitdelay. So I guess that should be reduced? Otherwise i would suggest rebalancing the vampiri…

  • Quote from Borbarad: “Battleaxe - trash pve weapon. Useless in pvp. Meh in corrupted, requires lot of skill - just play broadsword, which is easier and more efficient. ” What changes would you suggest to make battleaxe viable for PvP? Just curious.

  • Quote from Graves: “It's not my main weapon ” >Doesn't even know how to play the weapon >Complains anyways tf2_medic_stare.1642553253.png

  • Quote from Graves: “I can't get through the W. ” I don't see an issue, especially for deathgivers? Daggers: 1H - zoned by wall Dagger pair - zoned / interrupted by wall Claws - zoned / interrupted by wall Bloodletter - hits you from other side* Demonfang - hits you from other side* Deathgivers - hits you from other side Bridled fury - hits you from other side / passes through (Backstep has CC immunity) + Shadow edge - passes through Chain slash - hits you from other side Throwing blades - hits y…

  • Quote from Sethis: “But then there is another issue, the difference in damage between two-handed and one-handed weapons should not be a joke as it is now. ” The difference is exactly one tier (100 IP) in terms of damage and CC numbers. Another issue is that the maximum possible ip is over 2k nowadays, and not 1360, like it was before, which makes such a difference negligible. It's more of a scaling issue with huge IP values for which the initial scaling formula was not written, not a 1H weapon i…

  • Quote from PrintsKaspian: “Party markers now persist when changing zones ” After 3 years, it's finally here. absolutely_beautiful.1642440675.jpg

  • Quote from Gabumon: “Not taking into account how longbow is a inmobile weapon with an area that is on a static place vs great axe that is very mobile with an area thats mobile? ” Oh yeah, I also forgot that longbow is actually interruptible with all these greataxes spinning around.

  • - If you count Longbow with explosive arrows, you should probably count GA with adrenaline. - The maximum amount of explosive arrow triggers per AoE hit is 5, GA is not limined by that. - Axes have a better Q with both AoE sustain damage, healing reduction and a potential root. Multishot is there, but I wouldn't count too much on it. The 2 issues with the future GA I see are: 1. Burst window is higher with 2.5s, instead of 1.5s with Longbow. 2. Cooldowns are 25s vs 15s. Considering the stack-up …

  • Healing reduction does not impact lifesteal, as it's not considered a "healing source".

  • Quote from Karthaz: “saves your life 100% of the time. ” tf2_medic_stare.1642270489.jpg

  • It's not a braindead weapon, you actually have to manage your stacks, the disproportionate popularity in Crystal League matches is also quite obvious. No thank you.

  • Quote from Tabor: “They keep adding IP to game but then not adjusting the caps as needed along with that. ” Back when maximum IP was 1360 (before the 100IP per tier/enchantment adjustment), the damage scaling progression made sence, but now when 300IP differences between teams of people are as common as ever, TTK is going down, oneshots becoming even more prominent, and I'm not even speaking about AoE escalation. The old IP scaling system that was developed for significantly lower IP values is s…

  • Quote from Tabor: “it would be expected you need to get back in a fight again not just infinite run. Or even easier they could just use the existing 2v2 HG map for 1v1 as well with lava self-controlling the infinite resetters. ” Lava is a weird mechanic that ruins the very fundamentals the HG should have been built upon: a lack of artificial timers and a lack of environment influence on the fight outcome. And it ends up being abused in both 2v2 and 5v5 hellgates in stall comps with arcane staves…

  • Quote from The_Support_God: “Bow Of Badon Looks on this conversation . Intensely Stares at healer . big bold words behind him spell menacingly. ” download.1642116558.jpg

  • Some targeted spells like the Death curse, Inner corruption (Cultist cowl), Purge (Field cowl) can be dodged by full I-Frames on their impact. I think It's related to the debuff immunity full I-Frames have on them.

  • Quote from Trial_hard: “what about a Hype bot like some RT members,? ” I'm not sure I get what you mean?

  • Quote from ViniciusSanctus: “Btw, aren't u that guy with great balance ideas? Have they hired you yet or what? They NEED your guidance! ” Yeah, I'm the guy from that thread. And no, not yet?

  • download.1642051506.png I have too much free time on my hands.

  • Quote from koki125: “Still waiting for Wildfire nerf ” January 22nd should be another patch, if I'm not mistaken.

  • Bows?

    Hattenhair - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    Quote from Arroq: “2) give bows more knock back ability to keep enemies off them. ” If an RDPS gets another hard-CC button, I'm gonna punch someone.