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Does albions engine support skillinteraction with terrains?

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Ignoring the balancing, the reworks of weapon branches have been good, particularly those that are conditional and can be counterplayed (i.e. royal boots, new axe q, etc..) please more

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reached 50k infamy before the last corrupted change, and now i cant enter slayer difficulty

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Removal of t5 royal red zones into yellow, killed the black market!

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laborer return nothing and loses book (complete blank return page, but only accept button)

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Legendary morgana demon general boss

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Carleon 90% tax, sbi ?

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WTB transport mammoth for 20m!

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Albion is the best and worst game i ve played for a very long time

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if i refer friends and pay for them, am i still eligble for the referral reward?

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