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  • Currently? Mace and bow, potentially Badon, add armor of valor works for both mage chowl works for both, too. Capes need no spec one is Carleon one is thetford

  • Just imagine, you drink from a bottle and depending how fat u are in the bottle is more or less... A heal potion should heal a fixed amount of life - done..

  • Not true - if u have high infamy in stalker, at least 2 months ago before I stopped play i got on average more 500k + infamy guys which means better gear etc ..and better fights

  • Well there is another option - we already had it.. Take the old 2 HG Design, yes there was a circle and lots a reset..but the point is, there was an objective to fight for.. Maybe combine both things.. The objective to fight for, gaining 10% of enemy infamy on winning the objective, and the crystals to break after the objective was won by one player.. And give a chance to initiate reintrude after winning the objective

  • Quote from Hattenhair: “Quote from ViniciusSanctus: “Btw, aren't u that guy with great balance ideas? Have they hired you yet or what? They NEED your guidance! ” Yeah, I'm the guy from that thread.And no, not yet? ” what about a Hype bot like some RT members,?

  • Bows?

    Trial_hard - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    Quote from mahuyadin: “almost every thing ur saying is cds im talking about how bows can be so powerfull and no skill at the same time. i play alot of build but every time i see a bow and i dont have purge im dead and i cant even purge a whispering bow ” well it is always a matter of viewpoint.. There are some guys sitting at RT that have a skill issue, come from reg bow Turret style and everything that cannot be point click space bar melted needs be fixed.. And for a strange reason - it happens

  • Not if after a certain condition number of assistance with excuse for ZvZ everything is trashed and the net gain is zero even negative taking potion loss into account

  • Quote from Blenfjorn: “Quote from Alysandra: “Like, can we just get a 1v1 Hellgate already? You already made 2v2 hellgate 50 times better than it used to be in the past. Now, do the same for 1v1 hellgates, no more traps, no more mob's, no more crystals. Why is it so hard to just make a 1v1 hellgate? ” It is hard to not have mobs/traps in a 1v1 situation because imagine 2 healers pop into a 1v1 situation where someone must die. They fight for hours to a stalemate, but someone has to die eventuall…

  • Actually city plot fights or important GvG did matter for the i involved guilds.. If It was important we tried deny GVGer we patrolled to prevent delivery of GvG sets..or try Gank GVGer after and before GvG It felt integrated and realistic.. But to be honest, i stopped play 2 months ago just watching from outside if something big changes that makes it interesting for me again my knowledge is now 2+ months aged

  • U don't understand the customer least some A lot of people and a growing number want content easy to consume with low entry barrier.. It is NOT a matter of rewards.. It simply sucks to align gaming with 5 other people.. and on top it needs to be the same people.. That's why CD is most successful even as it is crap.. That's why 2 hg is 2. Most played instanced game mode... That's why 10 hg fights is dead content It is so simple..

  • This is a group game. Solo is possible but if u want to play solo pay the price.. Why is this message so tricky to understand?

  • That is a wonderful and perfectly balancEd idea. 750 damage AOE + root + interrupt all 11 seconds is balanced. It should stack to have some viability in ZvZ I hope Can we add some ..cannot be reflected and ignores CC resistance that it is not too weak?

  • Hype! Awesome! Great!

  • I think the best thing to start balance is to force some balance guys to play competitive.. They need to get good in various content... I know none of the balance guys that is average in any competitive environment.. So I feel they need 3. party knowledge, and that leads to where we are at the moment.. I almost feel sorry for the balance guy, he gets thrown at different things that all sound reasonable on excel - but excel and competitive ..there is a lot in between.. Example a bow hard CC Q on …

  • Quote from The_Support_God: “you are talking about animation canceling found in dota and league of legends and others in the genera right? how they can weave autos in between skills this game definitely need that to allow for smoother auto attack transition ” this game has it - u can cancel consistent most animation and increase u dps

  • Quote from Tabor: “Albion does a few things extremely well. The fact you have a ton of options to growth wealth from PvE, PvP, gatheting, trading etc is a rarity. The overall economy is stable even after all these years which is an impressive feat. I have my issues like most people do but also need to give them props from time to time! ” well i am twisted.. What they do well, it is open pvp and full loot - that's why I like it.. What stopped me play a month ago is the neglect of open communicati…

  • I have good results of i commit to 1 on 2-4..then people actually fight

  • Well, then we agree to this.. Any sportsman ship us lost if u kick someone inside 4 people that shoot him down as soon as possible.. If u at least give him 30 seconds to prepare - but this is just lame

  • I am a moron, an idiot and a retard. I call Tabasco the winner, conclusion is if someone like me says that, Blenford is 1000x right.

  • Light xbow like all xbows is balanced by zero mobility.. It is the same treaty that nature & holy had..they can defend well because they cannot run.. That's the same for xbows.. For holy & nature that treaty of no Mobility was broken with hallow & blight, the the shit hits the fan and a lot of things happened to recover that .. Now back to mobility.. But this treaty will get broken in the future, if u look at NDA, they gain more or less 20% mobility permant with calltraps..and that w…