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  • Albion's high-stakes Crystal League competition returns with the Season 14 Crystal League Championship! For last season's winners, check out our article here.…2a90f192a62cab32711584623 GENERAL INFO The Championship will take place in the offseason between Season 14 and Season 15 on the following dates: Saturday, February 26: 17:00 - 20:45 UTC Sunday, February 27: 17:00 - 21:45 UTC - The above end times are approximate, depending on how long matches run on for - Bat…

  • Hello everyone! On Wednesday, Dec. 29 we will be performing brief maintenance on our website starting at 10UTC, same as our regular server Maintenance. During that time, the website cannot be accessed. The Forum and Wiki will still be available, but you won't be able to log in. The Maintenance is expected to last roughly 30 minutes. We are sorry for the inconvenience! Kind regards, Nesnes

  • UPDATE the "buy loadouts" feature is now available again Thank you all for the patience!

  • Hello everyone! Due to investigations about a potential bug in the feature, we need to temporarily disable the option to buy loadouts from the marketplace. It will be available again after the next server maintenance(Dec.17, 10-11UTC). The market is still available as always, and you are still able to create and equip loadouts, but you won't be able to use the "buy loadout" function in the marketplace. The game will give you an error message when trying to do so. We are very sorry for the inconv…

  • Quote from Paiindealer: “What about tier 5 map? quality matter for tier 5 maps?? ” If you got 10k points you can declare it in a maximum tier 6 and quality 1 map. That means you can also declare it in tier 5 quality 1, but not in any higher tier or higher quality zone. If you got 20k points, you can go up to quality 3 and tier 6, which includes tier 5 and quality 1 and 2. The Zone always has to meet both requirements depending on your season points for you to be able to declare an HQ there.

  • Quote from Messiah1992: “good many HQ can own? ” only 1 per guild Quote from Zaitz: “so ... when will we b able to take power cores to the ava roads ?!?!?!?! ” it's not planned to be possible, at least not before the Roads received a general overhaul.

  • Quote from zillian: “Is the weekly conquerors challenge not restarting to zero supposed to be like that? Or is it supposed to reset each week regardless if you finished the last week? It is because two days ago, I thought I could not get last weeks chest but yesterday I found out that it did not reset my points from last week and they went over to this week. Is this suppose to happen? Update: I just saw the post about this. ” It is supposed to keep the progress if you didn't unlock the chest for…

  • A small collection of my personal favorites:…………………2a90f192a62cab32711584623

  • Hello dear Adventurers! As you have most likely noticed, there are mounts in all colors roaming Albion at the moment. Although it looks very festive, it is actually not meant to be the Albion version of a Christmas Tree but is in fact a bug that has snuck into Patch 1. We will relieve the mounts of their furry fiasco with the upcoming Patch 2. So just for clarification: We have not released any new skins or mounts, so please don't get scammed by people trying to sell them to you Kind regards,

  • Hi everyone! On Monday, Dec. 13 we will be performing brief maintenance on our website starting at 10UTC, same as our regular server Maintenance. During that time, the website cannot be accessed. The Forum and Wiki will still be available, but you won't be able to log in. The Maintenance is expected to last roughly 10-15minutes. If by any chance it lasts longer than that, we will keep you updated in this post as well as on discord. Kind regards,

  • Quote from Alemaoo: “ Quote from Arteren: “Is this feature still coming? I don’t seem to have the overlays yet. ” They will probably announce a new release date soon. maybe on December 07. ” Yes It's still coming Unfortunately we had to delay the release because the feature is not yet working the way we intended. The new release date is January 22. New feature: Cluster Value Map Overlay will be delayed - News & Announcements - Albion Online Forum

  • Hello everyone! The release of the new map overlay for cluster values will be delayed. After reviewing the feature's current state with live data we realized that it doesn't yet fulfill its purpose and needs some more work which will delay its release until January '22. This will allow us to get it into a state in which it will become an actual asset to everyone playing the game. If you want to know more about this new feature, check out the designated Forum Post about World Map Overlays. kind r…

  • Quote from LordNrixx: “oh come on! where is the chat fix in mobile? ” I assume you mean the korean and chinese character bug on mobile, it will be fixed with patch 1

  • Missing Map Overlay

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    Quote from Keromia: “A mod in /help was convinced it was available for everyone and I should report it as a bug. ” which mod was that?

  • Quote from tabooshka: “Hello, while you fixed points in season rankings, could you fix Season points breakdown, because it shows old high might numbers ” hi! We know about the issue, it's gonna be fixed but it's not as high in the priority list. Will be fixed before the year ends though.

  • Update: Issue has been fixed with today's hotfix

  • ---------------UPDATE: this issue has been fixed with Hotfix #5, footage can still be submitted to support---------------------- Attention everyone! There is currently a bug that makes it possible to instantly attack players after dismounting even within the area of an enemy player. This is not intentional and is considered an EXPLOIT, meaning if you are caught abusing this exploit, you will be subject to sanctions accordingly. If you have been subject to this exploit, please provide video evide…

  • Hi everyone, It has come to our attention that there is currently an issue with the Energy Manipulator Battlevault in Hideouts. Level 2 Hideouts do now have an Energy Manipulator as well, however, When upgrading the HO to level 3, the Battlevault at the Energy Manipulator currently loses all it’s content. Meaning that anyone who has gear in that chest during a Hideout upgrade will lose it once the upgrade is finished. We are currently working on a solution for this bug and will keep you updated …

  • Quote from Vocandin: “Not as gamebreaking but the extra might earned from pushing brackets won't get reverted I assume, but feel free to correct me. ” I am correcting you, they will be reverted to fit with the new scaling

  • Missing Map Overlay

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    Quote from Keromia: “I asked around in the help chat but it seems not everyone has the new world map overlays I know they shouldn't be available in the first few days but some players already have access and some don't. ” who do you mean has access to it? it should only be accessible for game masters. Although in the end it doesn't work properly yet either way, which is why it remains hidden for the time being.