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  • Rest Plots bug?

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    There's a Fix for laborers not being able to be placed in houses, in rests, coming with the next patch. I'd check the bug reports, and make one if you don't see one, about the furniture. It may just be the same issue with both, but better not to gamble. The test server may even be up to just test.

  • How about a gym whistle instead?

  • 2.2b is way too cheap. I'd bid 3B, but I am broke.

  • Can we rename YZ faction warfare?

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    Just find some way to make the people who make you miserable, more miserable than they make you. Then when they come here to whine about you, you win.

  • Quote from Bogul: “my main concern is finding a way to incentivize people uploading to it in order to get better and more complete data, so far nobody had a good idea ” How much do I get for a good idea?

  • Quote from LordBrittish: “I'm at 120% happiness. I'm wondering if the extra 5% will push me over from 5 resources collected to 6. ” You go from having about a 4% chance to get a 6th resource, to having a 14.5% chance to get a 6th resource. If I remember right.

  • This is the inauguration of my efforts to full fill an obligation to keep a record of my continual rise to greatness. Farmers in Albion are the life blood. Without their hard work and diligent efforts nothing would happen at all. Without their carrots we could not refine logs. Without their potatoes we could not craft little suits of armor. Without these humble practitioners of the farmerary arts, we could not defend ourselves against the hoards of mobs in the world, just trying to defend their …

  • Quote from Hattenhair: “Quote from Piddle: “Mail data on the other hand was an endless stream of thousands of messages being sent from clients to servers every second, minute, hour. ” And how much items are being moved from chest to player and vice versa every second, minute, hour? It's still technically a constant stream of data that needs to be recorded. Item type, tiers, enchantments, quality, quantiny, time and subject. ” You are acting like the client doesn't have to talk to the server when…

  • Why is there only one boat? Why can't I be a dinghy? I don't want to be a schooner.

  • Quote from solventh: “the data those logs create has become enormous for albion devs normals so they are trying to reduce the amount. like the market mail changes. note: try to like the likeseeker's post above if you can. : P ” I was going to ignore your latest attempt to shit up a thread, but it would probably be helpful for other to understand how what you said makes no sense. The data from those logs just sits on the server, nice and fat and happy. Fat and happy data doesn't require a lot of …

  • This was a really awkward change, that was not explained well enough to us in the patch notes. It should have been set to opt out, not opt in. If you couldn't/wouldn't do that, you should have made sure that it was explained to everyone in the patch notes and/or had a special announcement. It could have gone really badly for a lot of people and it would honestly have been entirely SBIs fault. I was actually surprised there were horror stories about it, it seems like, through their own diligence,…

  • I think they changed their minds about that part.

  • Quote from Trial_hard: “I am a moron, an idiot and a retard. I call Tabasco the winner, conclusion is if someone like me says that, Blenford is 1000x right. ” Now that we have conflicting results, we have to do statistical analysis to determine which is more valid. The most important of which is called mean reversion. So I am meaner than you are. So I am right and you are wrong.

  • Quote from Blenfjorn: “Of course you do. But you have personal issues with me..... as well as the elderly for some reason. ” I don't even remember whatever it is I did to make you mad. But, in fairness, I suspect you deserved it.

  • I declare tabooshka the winner.

  • I was sitting in town, refining hide, and thinking about how mad I am about the rapidly devaluing masterpiece quality. When I came up with this somewhat stupid idea. What if a masterpiece item of a lower tier, counted as a normal quality item of the higher tier, for purposes of the Black Market. So if you have a MP T4 Sword, you could sell it to any of the T4 Sword orders on the BM, and also the flat T5 Sword order. Then things got even weirder. What if you reorient the BM to purchace IP rather …

  • Quote from nonnymouse: “But in all seriousness, my OP wasn't 100% shitpost. I know they'll never implement dick physics; I just find it kind of annoying that everyone is always quick to make sure breasts defy the laws of physics, but there's never anything unrealistic for us women to gawk at lecherously. ” I agree with you completely. It doesn't make sense that it is so much easier to objectify my computer screen person if it is a woman. It makes sense that if different outfits endow females wit…

  • Quote from Worros: “Just dump Carrot Soups in them as they are cheapest. Do not feed them their preferred meal as they all like some fancy expensive stuff. ” A carrot soup costs about 320 silver and gives 77 nutrition. A bean salad costs about 420 and gives 154 (77*2) nutrition. It's almost never right to feed a station anything outside of its favorite food. It's not about the silver cost. It's the silver cost per nutrition that matters. So you are paying 620 silver for the same nutrition with c…

  • Quote from Jerek: “@Piddle @solventh - Can you two just get a room already and duke it out to the death or kiss and make up? Either way the cleaning lady is going to have a fun time. ” This is my room. How did you even get in here? I am calling the cops.

  • Quote from solventh: “nah it s just like we see it here. game system somehow made him hidden cos he has no pvp etc record. ” Pretty sure you are just an idiot. It explains all the evidence. The most elegant of solutions.