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  • I like your post, no filters, lol. Do you think its the weapon or the classic CD deathgiver build( with stalker hood, assassin jacket, hellion shoes) that is frustrating? Honestly, dg's arent top tier in CD's or anywhere right now.Which in my mind makes them not broken.It doesn't have real hard counters, but is a counter to few target only builds. If you have multiple defensives, and time them well, you are in advantage. If you have high mobility you can chose to fight them on your terms or not …

  • whats with 14 sec cd, literally seems like typo? at least make it 13m range and 15 sec cd or 15m and 20sec cd , then see if it's still broken and needs another nerf. small nerfs and seeing what are results is the way to go.

  • Connection to server = soooo slow

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    have same problem, what fixed it for me was restarting internet router .

  • Spears

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    spears are pretty balanced imo(it just that other trees could use some balancing), it could use 3rd que i like idea of boomerang Q like curse, maybe rework a bit on spirit Q,making it toggle instead, something like dagger assassins spirit Q(lets say while skill is active u use 15% more energy). Daybreaker could use small rework on E, while charging it ur immune to CC, but not while perfoming E. so maybe immune to CC while using E? immune to damage while charging? spears and axes lack some sort o…

  • Sacred pulse is big problem, it is more broken now then before it was completely changed. It does decent damage,mad knock-back and heal? its on healing staff i suggest remove either knock-back or damage. I'm not sure whats the right change on E, imo its not amazing in any other situation then 1v1s, maybe small decrease in both range and knock up time, like 10-12m range and 0.3-0.5 sec knock-up . Maybe small increase in CD and heal amount would make it better in other then 1v1s.