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  • Wasnt expecting that sell order QOL, but thanks a lot for it! Edit: Can we PLEASE, resync the staging server? It's been since Lands Awakened without a resync. There's nothing on markets.

  • Even at 2.2b it's quite overvalued imo, and soon another 6 will be rewarded for the CLC.But best of luck with it. My bid is at 1b

  • Quote from Piraterer: “Yes. But you only have the the shield for placing once per season if im not wrong. So better decide good when to use it. Also a HQ is always attackable during building Phase one if im not wrong. ” Season booster is once per season if you scored enough on the previous one, but all it does is let you make a HQ right after the first 20 mins, rather than having to defend next day for another 20 mins. You can change HQs as much as you want as long as you're not within the 14d c…

  • We are in 2022, why can't we have a color picker or even a hex input for picking banner colors, loadouts etc? I understand the limitation in shapes and whatnot but not in colors.

  • Quote from MeisterCaio: “Quote from Piraterer: “Yes. Its safe till the end of NEXT season. Next season you have to reach the points to qualify again for the third season. E.G.: Season 1 (20k Points) - HQ Safe Season 2 (30k Points) - HQ Safe / Season 2 (2k points) HQ Safe Season 3 HQ Safe (minimum points reached in previous season)/ Season 3 HQ not safe (points not reached.) Only 1 HQ for each guild. You cant place 2 HQs. If you dont qualify next season it should last till end of next season. So …

  • Quote from Quagga: “there is no objective in the game that would be noticed by everyone, that would be valuable, that would give "respect" and that could only be obtained by CGVG... old GVG, everyone watched it and everyone knew there were "elite" players. Not having that aspect will never push people in that direction. ” Very good point as well, even with CLC. City fights were the last thing that gave that feeling you're watching THE best players, I can name dozens of gvgs more memorable than a…

  • Would just like to add that 20s in specific, adding the league and removing the city conquest system instead of figuring a way to keep it and make it less broken was a fatal mistake. People would have a mcuh higher incentive to do 20s crystals if cities got even a minimal balancing such as lower entry requirements via ip caps for outer cities. Hell, we had MORE 20v20 teams back then than we do now, and don't say that the pugs doing 20s for no shows or hoping for one are actual teams.

  • About HQ hideout

    Vocandin - - Beginner's Questions


    Quote from MarxEngelsLenin: “Do I understand correctly that if 3 phases of construction pass, will we be able to make it HQ? ” With booster: - Place hideout - Defend 20 minutes - Turn into HQ Without Booster: - Place hideout - Defend 20 minutes - Come back next day prime time - Defend 20 minutes - Make HQ So yes, you need to defend a day after it's placed then you;re good to go.

  • Quote from Trial_hard: “U don't understand the customer least some A lot of people and a growing number want content easy to consume with low entry barrier.. It is NOT a matter of rewards.. It simply sucks to align gaming with 5 other people.. and on top it needs to be the same people.. That's why CD is most successful even as it is crap.. That's why 2 hg is 2. Most played instanced game mode... That's why 10 hg fights is dead content It is so simple.. ” Gotta agree in a way to this, SBI ke…

  • About HQ hideout

    Vocandin - - Beginner's Questions


    Quote from MarxEngelsLenin: “We qualified this season but we have a booster 0. Why? We haven't built a hideout before…e56aec3cda6ed55cbf62e8499 ” Boosters are only awarded for finishing a season with 10k+ points. So you cannot earn a booster this season. Without one, you'll need to place a hideout down during the 4 hour prime time window, defend 20 minutes, then defend for another 20 mins the following day at the start of the prime time, only then you can make an H…

  • Finally, always looking forward for these for yt thumbnails.

  • Sure numbers % increase wasn't as big as beginning of lockdown but the quality of the game now that factions, open world and seasons got a revamp is miles ahead of anything the game has ever had. Looking forward for what's to come (API PLEAAAAAASE)

  • 5s seem alright, but 10s suffer heavily from lack of teams because putting 10 people together isnt easy, keeping them together after a loss is even harder, so most teams don't survive past a loss and you're back to same problem a few HGs later. I think SBI should give a bonus to chaining hellgates, loot. fame, both, there needs to be an incentive to run 10s. For a while, people would go in full pve gear and find others doing the same and have some weird fights. I also like the suggestion of "hel…

  • You can click people and trade them directly yes. Also many high volume crafters / refiners / gatherers got a flow to their thing. Gatherers sell in bulk to refiners they know, refiners sell in bulk to crafters and crafters sell on all available avenues. When my guild used to need loads of high tier food back in the day, I always bought from this one guy called Untitled, he also supplied many other guilds while being part of none of them.

  • Mobs move while CC'd

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    Mobs like the avalonian spawner drones and the new undead archers move, in fact seems they move MORE, if they get cc'd (stun / root). This is not only annoying but the whole "feared walking" mechanic is in my top 3 most annoying mechanics from any mobs.

  • Quote from mrgreenwood: “Can we get an update on when this will be fixed or at least that it's been acknowledged?? @Amoebius76 ” Good luck getting SBI to acknowledge the API. I made a huge post about it on here:…getting_a_functional_api/

  • My guild has been using loadouts for a while so here's a list of the shortfalls we found: - Although you can save guild loadouts as your own, you cannot do the other way around, this means people cannot share their loadouts into the guild and they have to all be made by hand - When creating guild loadouts, you cannot duplicate them (personal ones can just use "save as new") - When using "save as new", it really should keep name, icon and color rather than being empty. These are not huge changes …

  • 100% agreed, how else can I flex when I'm "/suicide"ing my way around markets?

  • @PrintsKaspian any chance test server can get the update and a sync with the live server so we can test stuff?

  • Core part of the might levels tbh. Hopefully fixed soon.