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    sandstorm22 - - Beginner's Questions


    If you cancel premium, does it take away all premium benefits instantly? ...or do the benefits last until the premium date expires?

  • Thanks, Midgard. That's good news.

  • My farming now only charges 196 to water per plot. So even with 5 farms, I still spend less than 10k focus per day. So I need to find another way to spend my focus. Refining is maxed for T4 and T5 Fiber and Hides but it is too expensive to refine in the proper town. So I was thinking of using an Alt, give him premium, build 3 farms, then cancel premium. I will give permission to my main to access the island and farms. I know you get better returns on the crop if you are premium. The question is,…

  • Yep, letting a handful of people ruin the game for everyone is not healthy.

  • Thanks, Tabor! I learned something new today.

  • Quote from Torangan: “Quote from UsernameTaken: “Well, lag is caused by multiple things, including congestion - but you can't go faster than the speed of light - relaying data from place to place introduces more lag than what you would experience with a direct connection to the server to being with. ” You could introduce a delay for US people to make a more equal average ping while honoring the simple fact that even fibre cables (which are somewhat close to the speed of light) take time to trans…

  • Quote from Deleted user: “Quote from Georg51: “Quote from PenguinSniper: “They should go to corrupted dungeons and prove their pvp skills solo. ” We do, snowflake. Most likely dont see you there though I bet.Stay in your precious safe space while the big boys have fun. ” Dude, this is a video game. Do you have awful struggles in real life that you feel the need to boast how badass you are in a goddamn video game? How can anyone with a real life not cringe reading someone self-proclaim as a "big …

  • Fix the Captchas!!

    sandstorm22 - - Rants


    It's one thing to have to do a captcha, but this particular one is a real pain in the ass. Most of them after getting it right the first time, you move on. This one? Doesn't matter if you get it right, the hits keep coming.

  • They saw me flag up. They started to run away, but when I caught them, and they realized I couldn't hit them, they stood there and laughed.

  • No, not faction flagged players, just regular dudes running around. I flag up and can't attack anyone

  • Many times I have tried to flag up in yellow zone to attack another player ...yet I can't hit them?? Apparently I'm doing something wrong. In game Help is no help unfortunately.

  • lol so 3 more t7 rz ...and 4 t5 bz ...2 t7 bz and the biggest chest was 81k ...the rest were all 18k or less. So much bullshit risk/reward

  • You can get to your gathering grinding spot in 10 seconds. If you want to get to the next zone over, add another minute. How much you gather depends on your gathering level, the time of day, and how long you gather for. A typical day for me is to gather 30 minutes, do a couple of solo dungeons while being in queue for an Arena match. So on average an hour a day. Some days more, some less. You are kind of limited to how much you can refine or craft what you gather anyways. When you pay a monthly …

  • Quote from Arii: “Quote from sandstorm22: “Honestly, just try it. It is unlike any game you have probably played. ” Actually that's the deal. I already played EVE Online for a few months. And that game was so damn time consuming. Just playing for 2 or 3 hours was kind of pointless. You didn't get anywhere.That's why I'm worried about AO being the same. Otherwise my wife and I like the idea of being a gathering/crafting couple, venturing out to collect our resources together ourselves. Is that a …

  • Quote from Arii: “Ah, yeah I read about that. Yes, that's some kind of hc pvp. But world pvp is only in certain areas, right? Otherwise hc pvp for me is to need to be a hardcore gamer with 30+ hour playtime a week to earn the needed equip to not die within 2 secs. ” If you knew what equipment you wanted to wear, you could earn it in less than an hour. Time is needed to level it. . The crafting, gathering and economy/money making possibilities are endless. That part of the game can be quite compl…

  • Would you consider full loot pvp = hardcore pvp?

  • Was excited to try energy beam in Arena wow, so useless

  • Torch helps auto attack it looks like when I check the side inventory tab

  • Scholar robe does what then?

  • A couple of things. How could SBI miscalculated so wrongly with this helmet when they originally introduced it? If it requires such a massive nerf, and it is massive, then they really screwed up when they introduced it. This change will just produce a new #1 helmet used by most. That's how these games work. People pick what they believe is the best, or listen to streamers who say it's the best. Then a couple of months later, SBI will nerf it. Rinse/repeat. Kind of funny tbh