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  • 1. Yes if they are in the red zone. 2. Also yes if they are in the red zone 3. In yellow zones they disabled hostile flagged players from attacking faction flagged and vice versa. 4. The hostile counter only counts hostile players. 5. I do not believe reputation is affected by faction warfare. the Rep system is used to punish reds from killing blues. 6. faction flagging gives a loot/silver/fame buff up to 15%, everything you listed, quartermaster rewards like your own raisable battle mount and a…

  • Quote from IcePain: “Those weird plague lizards that give you a debuff. ” ok how is that dedicated to faction warfare?

  • Which mounts have dedicated faction abilities that aren't faction mounts? if they added battlemounts that would be grizzlies all over again.

  • Lord of storms cannot be broken! Many have tried and FAILED. He casts bolts of lightning with his Templar judgment casting those out who cast their sinister intentions. His DRAGON'S ROAR! They are terrified by his presence. When he dies he's a thundering martyr, his oath and vows are carried by his followers and those that cherished his protection. When he lives he casts down Thunderous Decree before they can descend their scourge, for he is the LORD OF STORMS!!!!!!!

  • Quote from Mishirene: “after the timer runs out, the undead player falls to the ground and becomes lootable as normal ” So are the undead minions affected by carrying weight? couldn't someone raise corpses of gatherers or loot heavy players and raise them to the nearest bank chest so they can transfer easily?

  • dude roads are for small scale content faction bonuses give incremental rewards up to 3 stacks. they even updated the rewards for roaming mobs even hidden treasures can drop up to 8.3 in yellows. so what do you mean it's not valuable?

  • Black Hands

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    What's the big issue grinding a new weapon or using the reworked black hands?

  • whats wrong with force field? if you hate knockbacks, get immunity.

  • I think an auto silver picker is a great idea. I will tell you guys a great scheme to exploit and I promise you it will be HUGE. Potato farmers are a bane to new players, they would make more profit from this because people would have a bigger reaction time since it's automated. I already started my first potato guild and when this is added, I will be actively looking for crops to farm.

  • Quote from Mrpotato: “Tell me when humanity put brimstone in a stick and made it able to throw meteorites ” USA bombing Japan with nukes Quote from Mrpotato: “Tell me when humanity used light sticks thay could close mortal wounds insrantly ” Illuminating band-aids Quote from Mrpotato: “Tell me when humanity used magic boots that made you able to teleport, root the ground, hover, etc ” well..... theres that guy who made a one man hover craft platform. Quote from Unangwata: “avalon energy gun whil…

  • Quote from hypnoticshadow: “The idea is good, just put more slots available connected to the mount you have ” based on what though? how much more would a tX + 1 mount carry than a tX - 1 mount? how much should a horse carry compared to a swiftclaw?

  • Quote from Retroman: “Quote from Georg51: “Anyone else think that with the reveal of the new War Gloves weapon tree, that Black Hands suddenly feels out of place as a dagger weapon? Wouldn't it make sense to have Black Hands in the War Gloves tree and something more like an actual dagger in the Dagger tree? ” We are actually also reworking Black Hands into a new demonic one handed dagger in the same update. I will post some news about the ability in the NDA thread once we start playtesting it. C…

  • bags job is just to increase your weight capacity. why do you want unique bag to hold specific items even though they increase your overall weight capacity?

  • lost all my items from bank

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    all banks are local.

  • The DIE button was the old suicide button that they never removed from CDs. So actually he never killed you, you committed suicide.

  • reworked Swords kinda Bugged

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    While I was playing with the new Clarent Blade ability, I noticed something that felt like a bug. The Hamstring follow-up can be used without needing a heroic Charge specific to that ability. As longyou expend your heroic charges using your E, you get a free follow-up W.


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    then why are you playing this "shit"?

  • All loot distribution is RNG. 1. Solo dungeons loot has the least loot priority. This means it doesn't matter if you have premium, it doesn't matter which zone you do it in(safe, red, black, etc.), and it doesn't matter if you use maps. The loot can really suck. 2. Corrupted Dungeons are a solo PVP/PvE experience that gives loot depending on infamy but is largely RNG. 3. Blue dungeons(aka elite dungeons) are designed for groups or well-built solo players, have much higher loot priority compared …

  • Islands cant disappear, if it did i hope this is an option available to players and not a bug.

  • Why are you against ava portals from royal to black? If that were to happen, more gatherers that are not accustomed to PVP will come in droves to the roads, taking high-tier resources and plummeting the markets even more than it is right now while screaming to the devs to make the roads safer. IF there is no danger, then the value of the items dies with it