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  • Honorable LewPac

    CleatusVanDamme - - Forum Banter


    He answered the question multiple times there was no misunderstanding you were trolling for a video response which you actually made so no I don't think this is my fault I do think that if you want to discuss consequences you should look up slander.

  • Honorable LewPac

    CleatusVanDamme - - Forum Banter


    Equart you continue to chat shit Lewpac answered you on the day you ignored that the response you used was when I told Lewpac you were probably trolling for a response for a video which is exactly what you did, you used Lew's content to misrepresent facts that's not a fair use or free speech issue that is slander however.

  • The crafting tax is somewhat confusing it should be a cost per craft but as that cost is dependant on tier and enchantment it's descibed as a percentage.

  • Any indication of what attributes and limits are used for auto moderation? I've been using an account SyrGeraint to RP promotion for Arthurs House of Crafting posts not being seen until they're released is slowing things up somewhat posts have been held in moderation for 12 hours on occasion. Thanks

  • The issue at the heart of the matter aren't alliances themselves it's that the current systems intended to manage alliance sprawl are open to abuse. Dropping alliance to circumvent cluster queue rules doesn't offer any real punishment only a cooldown on re-joining. If dropping and re-joining an alliance contained a genuine punishment then gaming the system wouldn’t be worth it. I'd suggest that during the season if a guild drops then re-joins the all guilds within the alliance lose 10% of their …

  • Aside from hellgates and HCE I don't think random groups are that popular. The full loot nature of the game means risk Vs reward is wrong for grouping with randoms outside of guild or alliance. With every drop you get there's more incentive to kick and kill you or maybe one of the group calls in mates to wipe you.

  • Sgtbloodelf the chests offer smaller guilds the opportunity to have shared storage in the outlands if you're a solo player then it wouldn't be much use to you. But it would save small groups from having to all meet up to trade gear. Like Frank says heading back the hideout bubble timer does mean if you head straight to Arthurs Rest you'll do so without the bubble is you want to be supper cautious you could wait out the debuff timer at the door of the hideout, just make sure you don't have the sh…

  • Quote from Nimitz: “Yeah, but no, the technology to deal with this situation is already live for years. I feel like i'm back in 2004. Nearly all mmorpg had some issues with big fight. But they all manage to deal with it. And that was decade ago .... Atm CCP with eve online, manage to have thousands of players fighting each other. And we aren't talking about the same scale at all between Eve and Albion. ” Eve online doesn't handle big fights it slows big fights SBI has been trying to maintain the…

  • Still waiting to be impressed was there supposed to be a scary soundtrack to accompany that gibberish or did you hit submit before the thought finished forming? Perhaps you were distracted because there's 50+ clowns in 4.1 excitedly chattering on comms cos they've spotted someone in 7.1, shame they forgot to dismount again.

  • Gee thanks for your feedback all those posts you must be a pretty big deal? No wait you're in ARCH alliance so I guess not. This might help you make sense of my post though Mercenarios crying after being baited

  • In the spirit of friendship I'd like to provide more proof for all the Mercenarios out there…6b017cb2c3fec30bf4d6107d8


  • They're biting hard tonight