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  • Scenario 1: Why does it matter if players can transfer funds to each other like this ? Scenario 2: This will end up happening regardless, without a way of knowing what is able to be purchased throughout Albion a single trade center will most likely end up being used for valuable goods (You would sell where the highest chance of purchasing is). Secarion 3: I didnt even know you could interchange gold for silver, that sounds like a bad idea to be able to do in any way or form. The only mmorpg I kn…

  • The screen gets kinda full of icons when the weapons out, I'd have swapping to tools automatically happen, tools get changed for you already from say tree to ore right clicking on a tree should just equip the axe and you swap back to weapon by the weapon swap button. That cooldown needs to go.

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    You can also use silver you have gotten from killing monsters or selling items on the marketplace ? I don't get the issue here, ones a shortcut and one isn't. Subscriptions are always cool though but F2P if done right can earn a company more money.

  • You do realize there are multiple wipes ahead of us and this is alpha release right ? Alpha is incomplete, bugs etc... deal with it.

  • Founder is not "Collectors Edition" Pre-Release bonus's are just incentive for you supporting development of the game with the ability to play it before everyone else.

  • Hello Ok so we sit with a fully player run economy and thus we have... trading. With travel time between cities with market's "Shopping Around" is hardly an option due to the fact of the sheer amount of time it would take can basically mean that if you decide to price check a different market the item may not be there and/or if it is yet more expensive when you get back to the cheaper market the item may have sold already. Why not centralize the market but to make travelling still necessary requ…

  • The cooldown trigger on dismount / switch to weapons makes no logical sense note my PVP scenario's are theory I am still fighting animals at this point. PVE Scenario: I get off my horse to attack something, get beat on heavily and take a large chunk of damage until I can actually hit back / heal / put up shields. PVP Scenario: I come across someone (dismounted and armed) on my horse and just run straight past due to the fact that having to wait on the cool down will mean death on a equally skill…

  • Hi I have tested Albion Online on a 7" tablet and find the text readable but I understand its not optimized that way. I downloaded it to my Galaxy S4 which has a 5" screen and it is just fine for easy mob combat and resource collection, a nice casual play tool (The high resolution screen makes the text readable). I understand phones come in larger and smaller screens less powerful and not so once it goes to the store if you decide not to support phones (Which should be the choice) at least make …

  • Hi In the general discussion page the android client has been brought up quite a few times and somewhere for download there should be a mention of 1.5GB ram+ needed. On a 1GB android device with the recommended minimum GFX chip of tegra 3 close to dashboards are experienced and from other threads it seems 1GB just does not cut it. 2GB has proved just fine but 1.5GB should considering 1GB can sort of run it depending if android decides to kill the process or not.

  • I think that the reccomended spec's (Somewhere in this site I saw them) for android should be raised to 1.5GB ram

  • Hi I'm going to recommend people list their devices the cpu, gpu and ram as this will greatly help the developers troubleshoot. If you don't know these they can be searched for at My results Asus Nexus 7 (2012) Tablet CPU: Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9 GPU Nvidia Tegra 3 RAM: 1GB Verdict: Game loads slowly and will fail to the dashboard from time to time the device being left extremely slow for some moments (I suspect 1GB of ram makes android just kill the process) Samsung…

  • I see it as making the safe areas your typical "Starter Area" where you can figure out stuff, learn etc... before heading into the big world. I don't see why others have issues with this unless it was global in which case I'd be making a noise myself. Edit: I guess I'd have issues with it if like the OP if I wanted to grief new players or be a leech but well I'm neither of those.

  • The only issue is the server wont really know the reason for the disconnect (Unless the server had logs of it being its own fault), the last thing you want is people exploiting a disconnect protect by disabling their network adapters or turning off their routers. It's like in path of exile's early days (Not sure if it still is) where people would just quit the game as soon as they were near death.

  • I am going to take that as a "No I have not played the game". Had you played the game for more than a few hours you wouldn't even be posting this.

  • Quote from RiP: “ Lol you really think it's viable when they can now respawn in the area where they died & have 10 mins to loot their corpse?” If you died within range of enemy sight then they will stomp on you before you can loot your stuff. Have you actually played the game ?

  • Not to mention the person fighting is easily going to notice (or hear) this person who keeps popping into their screen to see if they alive and if you "waiting" for death by being off screen you don't know if the persons died or not, they could have left long ago. Following around as a leech unless in a hostile area (One where they could probably turn around and kill you since you are depending on them for gear) will probably just end up in them turning around and killing you.

  • Tablet keyboard issue ? Works fine on my Nexus 7 tablet and Galaxy S4 Phone

  • I guess Eve Online should also be called a "Softcore" game because of high security areas where you attack someone and you'll get blown out the sky or loot and be marked for free to kill by players ? If you are following someone around in a safe zone it's for things that are either founder items or faster to just collect the resources yourself. Within a week you are going to need to venture out into not safe areas for your resources. The game is not forgiving to those who are still playing aroun…

  • To everyone that screams "free" and is against any for of "need" to pay I'd love for you to answer this question. How are salaries, server cost and development costs supposed to be paid ?

  • Why do people even bother mining, it seems to cost more in electricity than you get out coins.