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  • It makes sense not to let people zone while in PvP combat, but I agree, PvE shouldn't lock you from zoning.

  • My guild doesn't do this...but I am perfectly fine with this existing. Red dungeons are supposed to have risk associated with them. They are supposed to cause anxiety when you see other people.

  • black zones should be highly profitable. There should be a bonus to fame and those bonuses should be shifting based on some deciding factor and it should be displayed on the map. It would funnel players into certain areas in the black zones and encourage PvP.

  • No. It should be adjusted, but not removed. If you remove it then the red zones become nothing more than zerg fests. Yellow really don't have risk and that's fine. Red most certainly does have risk. I have seen plenty of gank squads going after harvesters. Every zone should not be a PvP shitstorm and that's what happens if you remove the rep system. You have black zones for PvP, so go there if that's what you want.

  • Quote from bradbrad14: “ like.. 10 lines and code and it would remove so much trash from the death/kill in stat page. ” I love it when people that have no knowledge about the codebase of any IT project attempt to make assumptions about how hard or easy something would be....

  • Divine Staff visual bug

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    I am using a T5.1 Divine staff but I also saw this with 5.0 as well. There is a dot that appears on the ground under the bridge and it dances all over the place. The beam animation comes from the ground as well instead of from the tip of the staff.

  • I don't think you could have given a more appropriate response to that Sharka.

  • I see yellow zones as a baby step from blue to red to get people used to the dangers of open world PvP. You shouldn't be under constant attack in yellow zones.

  • recently joined and this is a great group that's planning for launch.

  • I would prefer that they just create APIs and let the community handle that...much like EVE.

  • They do need to address this. Here are my suggestions 1. Remove all damage taken to horses and bags. People just dump them in the bank so they don't need to take damage. 2. Have the other items take only half of the durability hit per getting knocked down. That would remove a lot of the repair bill sting.

  • Yup, they really need to make the blue dungeons larger with more variety. I get that they are trying to force PvP, but that will still happen with larger dungeons. A larger problem is if you have too many dungeons, the playerbase is spread too thin. To combat this, I think a good solution would be to interconnect dungeons underground so a lot of the blue dungeons have multiple exit points and they are just combined into large contested areas.

  • As someone that isn't a hardcore PvP player, I hope some of your feedback falls on deaf ears... Quote: “- Remove all uncommon, Rare and exceptional Resources spawns from Yellow zones and blue zones. There no risks harvesting in those zones so there shouldn't be rewarded with the premium resource nodes. ” There doesn't have to be risk to get some reward. You should get higher fame and higher % of enchanted nodes in red zones, but they shouldn't remove them from yellow and blue. Time is still requ…

  • Destiny board.

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    when is the next content update supposed to drop?

  • IMO subscription is simply not a viable solution because unless it's a mammoth like WoW (it won't be) then it will have to change the business model anyway. But I agree, the premium model is certainly an issue and it's going to drive people away in masses. It's simply too advantageous to have premium and if you don't want to pay it, you will feel the sting every single minute you are playing. IMO, the real solution is to significantly scale back the premium perks. 1. Get rid of the harvesting bo…

  • Quote from mingaw: “i think its quite reasonable charge $$$ for exclusive skins i totally support that. ” Not with their current business model. They are going with a model that emphasises a subscription. Doing a purchase up front, a practically mandatory subscription, AND a cash shop is way too much. They shouldn't be selling skins and shit in the game if the premium status is their desired business model.

  • Don't listen to posts like Kaosfury. It's perfectly fine to offer constructive criticism and that's exactly why this beta period exists. I am 100% in your boat. I adore the crafting centered economy because it is so unlike every other game out there where everyone single person can craft everything and the economy is completely artificial. Having said that, I'm not a huge PvP person but I do enjoy it every now and then. I want to see this game do well and I want to see it offer things for both P…

  • Me: - Primarily a PvE player - Playtime EST evenings - adult with adult responsibilities - Main a healer What I want from a guild: - Healthy population - Groups up for blue dungeons and hellgates - Plans on building up a guild island on launch - Bonus: uses Discord

  • - Been playing the game for about a week now and I also come from GW2. - I am mainly a PvE player but I would like to dabble in PvP every once in a while. - I am currently playing a healer and most likely will for launch as well. - I'm mainly looking for a guild that will work together to run groups in blue dungeons and hellgates. - Playtime- EST evening Does your guild use Discord? What city are you centered in?

  • I completely agree. There are too many perks for being premium. I will probably keep a premium status on release, but it seems like the perks are too high. We have to have free players stick around or the population will die.