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  • EvE Online learned after their T20 incident to never allow employees to play in 0.0 guilds (AO Black Zone equiv). AO needs to not allow GMs or even Mods to play for BZ guilds for obvious reasons and optics. Since the mod are now just reviewing chat logs, no need for them to be anything but paid employees not volunteers.

  • Quote from Aurin: “Quote from Barloch: “How many years and countless times was SBI told of the rampant RMT in certain guilds only to have them shrug their shoulders? The horses have left the barn, time to close the barn doors. GG SBI. Laughable they try to make themselves look good for this. ” I agree. It is SHAMEFUL SBI is/was playing favorites with certain guilds/players. The same guilds/players winning seasons as well. So its ok to cheat as long as you are a top guild? ” "It's all about the B…

  • How many years and countless times was SBI told of the rampant RMT in certain guilds only to have them shrug their shoulders? The horses have left the barn, time to close the barn doors. GG SBI. Laughable they try to make themselves look good for this.

  • That is the most bs "logic" I've ever read. It's a revenue boost plain and simple. To save 4.3 maps they screwed over Faction Warfare? ROFLMAO AO is officially P2W now. GG devs

  • Other than generating gold sales to wallet warriors buying gold or rich BZ players using 8.3 MP coming to Royals to basically destroy their opponents. GG SBI. Profits > playability.

  • What they aren't telling you is when you get your items sent from a HO to the nearest bank it costs a HUGE amount of silver for most items. upwards of 10x it's actual worth so basically anything "recovered" this way is basically lost. And you have to wait a month to be able to "buy" the items that way.

  • than letting a bear rider run through an taken Faction OP and having a bear run through constantly resetting the boss timer?

  • Quote from Vocandin: “Hideouts Hideouts will now regenerate only 1 shield after a successful defense instead of all shields at once. Insane change! No more showing just on last shield. ” How about allowing one HO to be designated as the MAIN HO (designated at build, cannot be changed unless destroyed and a new one built and designated) which all shields regen as it does presently. This change helps smaller guilds while still penalizing those guilds/alliances that HO spam. - Drumpf's taxes are in…

  • Quote from Appolos: “This guy use to be one of my favorite streamers to watch before F2P -- Just chill and FFing -- What ever happened to Hempbeard? His Twitch is gone, along with his Youtube content.. disappeared ” Probably busted by media companies for violations of service (I'll let you guess why) or he was afraid of same from his employer.

  • Add our guild logo to the flag on the Ox cart skin.

  • Quote from Korn: “Players can only set home in a hideout that belongs to their guild, and in any level 3 hideout that belongs to a guild that is part of their alliance. ” YES! A thousand times YES! Those of us who enjoy building thank you SBI. Now about that promised Force T1.... - Bar In 1916, a proposed amendment would have required the government to put wars up to a national vote. If you voted for war, you would also have to fight in it. - Explains why Congress no longer votes on conflict.

  • A true sandbox has no mods. This is a litterbox.

  • Did POE leadership finally get burned? - Bar “When one with honeyed words but evil mind persuades the mob, great woes befall the state.” - Euripides, Orestes Sounds like Trump to me

  • Why you gankers kill people

    Barloch - - Forum Banter


    Quote from Professor_Chad: “I just want to let you gankers know why you do what you do. Give you an insight into your pathetic little brains. You kill people in this game and take their hard-earned stuff because you can't do the same thing in the real world without consequences. If you were to kill and rob someone in the real world, you would take real risks and face serious life-altering consequences for your actions. But here in this game you can kill people and rob them and indulge in your di…

  • Add new vanity items

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    Please add the following vanity items: Purse and Acetelyne torch. These items could be used in lieu of verbal chat combat: The proverbial "purse fight" and "acetlyne torches at dawn". Just do it. - Bar Conceive it, believe it, make it so.

  • when downgrading buildings on an island? I only received ~30%. - Bar "You ever get lonely?" 'Only around people'- The Thin Red Line

  • Quote from Midgard: “Quote from Cursewords: “You get now 100% of resources back when you demolish ” You get 90% of resources back when you demolish (but always get the anchor back). ” Not when you take down crafting stations, I got around 30% return - Bar As George Lucas cynically put it in the Seventies, "Emotionally involving the audience is easy. Anybody can do it blindfolded. Get a little kitten and have some guy wring its neck."

  • Unclaimed items

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    Given the exorbitant cost of recovering items from destroyed HOs, when items are 'expired' from the chests or the marketplace, send those items to the OW mobs rather than simply derezzing them. - Bar “I don’t do rallies for other people, I do them for me." - Drumpf (no shit sherlock)

  • Journals disappearing

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    journals on laborers disappear after a week