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  • cleric cowl is only good for 2v2 because you can swap to knockback

  • Quote from Quagga: “. "theoretically" smaller groups will have it "easier" vs outnumberd by a lot ” not how the game works by having numbers, you are adding cc, shields, heals, and number make up for your mistakes, numbers will always be king.

  • Quote from Quagga: “escalation will only be a buff if the fight is outnumberd. ” thats not how escalation works fact is, solo players will do less damage and small groups will also do less damage while zergs have more than enough dmg to kill either way

  • gotta love everything getting nerfed because escalation

  • Quote from Fladrena: “Pretty much title says it all. PVE farming in dungeons is not lucrative and fun anymore but a lot of ppl enjoyed it Also static group dungeons are gone ” so, statics got buffed and you are crying you have to actually pvp?

  • i agree my main issues would be rewards and lack of map variety bring back resources2, maybe even rotate maps each season I think lvl1 crystals should be like every 30minutes or arena style queue up and play, maybe even rush hours Maybe even a system where you essentially "bet" your one set and the winning teams takes it and you fight with that set entire crystal, eliminating requierment for multiple ones.(obviously points per kill would need to be increased to prevent some cheese shit)

  • there is this thing called pvp and full loot which pretty much shits on botting no one in their right mind cares about bots farming t3 or seaweed, even better for me

  • Silver auto pickup

    tabooshka - - Feedback & Suggestions


    So, since we already have this on mobile, its time to implement it on PC. It literally serves no purpose to not have auto pickup.

  • Quote from Anhe: “wildfire nerfed with next patch and q3 too: 20 -> 18m. check NDA test. ” yea, overnerfing wildfire, so it does less instant damage than before patch and q3 is still more than 13m crossbow q, that got nerfed because you could kite lmao

  • pretty funny range on explosive bolt got nerfed and now we have fire with a q over 20m range

  • Quote from svytoq: “I didn’t even think that my proposals would be met with such a small number of comments, apparently this is really not interesting to anyone and the current situation suits everyone. The last time I put together a 10v10 team and we went through 5 portals without opponents, people said that they'd better go to the "arena of kings", and I see some AO streamers agree with this... ” i mean yea, barely anyone cares about 5v5 or higher after it being gutted for past 4 years

  • Quote from Traszxh: “i asked in guild chat a bunch of times if someone would help me transport my 1300 blight sets from BW but no one responded.. later itried to do it solo and lost all my sets.. apparently i mistakenly transported during prime time lol ” "lying and deflecting" while the poster of the video makes up imaginary situations like this one, that didnt happen at all, sounds trust worthy Ask your friend to share discord messages, oh wait, you wont

  • Quote from Blenfjorn: “I say to you watch the video. That's all you gotta do to see who is correct and who is lying and deflecting. ” yes, everyone can see the combat looting rat and that he is refusing gear in whispers lmao you are the type of a guy that watches video about earth being flat and then runs around saying earth is flat lmao

  • Quote from Blenfjorn: “Of course you do. But you have personal issues with me..... as well as the elderly for some reason. ” Maybe you are the problem Quote from Blenfjorn: “Ok, well I promised not to repeat myself again so I will stick to that promise. ” ofc, because you have no arguments, facts are against you, its only you and your imaginary world

  • Quote from Blenfjorn: “You guys did a kick and kill based on a warning that happened during the same run ” so, after all this, you still misrepresent the facts lmao i would kick and kill this rat 10/10 times, isnt that an irony that when he died he was overweight lmao. Theres nothing to admit, a rat got dealt with, and any feature rat will be dealt with in the same way. What motvies am i lying about? The only person lying here is your friend, which we already proved multiple times and even in th…

  • Quote from Blenfjorn: “Nah, because the gear is mentioned again as the kill is taking place. But w/e. You can pretend it is about the looting if you want. Gotta try to save face I suppose. ” no, you are wrong, i watched another video and it clearly shows you being wrong. Pretty nice way to dodge, fact is, your friend is a rat and he shouldnt have been accepted to the guild in the first place. I watched other video and it just shows how wrong you are lmaooo How does it feel to repeat same thing o…

  • Quote from OloyoZoro: “Gathering The showup of Bignote-Resources on map 1. It is too easy for Gatherer to find (Resources should have to be found and Not the Resources showup to wink HALLO to you on the Map), logic is a good Part of Belance. 2. It is too good for Gankers/Driver (Not fair somehow...) think about this and Thank you ILA ” good, more and more gathers ditch gathering sets and you actually can get some pvp best change

  • Quote from Blenfjorn: “Quote from tabooshka: “im the one that gave him a warning the day prior to this video so no, you are the one drawing conclusions based on not having full context. Your "friend" literally said to us that he died while transporting his "6.2" sets, you can check all his deaths, no such thing happened, this is just 2 of you trying to troll. He just repeated same shit in youtube comment, you might wanna get your story straight, because those "clear documents" dont exist. ” I ne…

  • Quote from Jamesjordan431: “The E can be removed by using "the only helm to fix it all," which is a very popular phrase... ” i guess you havent played for a long time because thats not true anymore

  • Quote from Blenfjorn: “Quote from tabooshka: “thanks for confirming, thats all we needed to know ” Yep no problem. And you're either in the guild or affiliated somehow or friends with them. This is why you're ignoring the clear and documented facts that can be seen by simply viewing and listening to the video. ” im the one that gave him a warning the day prior to this video so no, you are the one drawing conclusions based on not having full context. Your "friend" literally said to us that he die…