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  • Iron-root E is bugged

    IIArcherII - - Bugs


    Iron-Root E is bugged the person who uses it has just 1 second to make the link between people as well as nothing was informed on the new att soo it must be a bug it should be correct asp

  • Quote from KyGho: “ ” i'm a streamer as well and the matchmaking is terrible, it doesn't work as well as healers are soooooo weak that i dont even want to play the game anymore and dagger pair are broken as fuck as well as staff of balance and IT'S SOOO SIMPLE TO CORRECT THOSE MISTAKE. you should remove the matchmaking and put a new t8 hg 2x2 to players with a bigger ip and players who bought the t8 hg 2x2 are going to go vs people who also bought the t8 hg 2x2 it's sooo simples it fells like yo…

  • i agree more than 100% with this man, YOU GUYS SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS AGES AGO