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  • I would like an unicorn. Like..who doesnt like unicorns? But yes, thanks ill take the spectre mount. I like these extra's.

  • Yup there are problems with teleporters and such. I heard it many times. Never seen it myself though. But I just don't spend as much time as I wanted to in this game. Too much lag, Slow gathering etc. Not worth all of my time I can spend on games.

  • Quote from McGee318: “hopefully more ios beta invites will be dished out all the way up to the holiday season when they plan on making the ios beta bigger. ” 2 bad it takes such a long time.

  • Quote from Skarnik: “Gsme is just out Jesus.... ” Yes, but you can expect these questions pretty quickly ;p

  • Could be an solution, but isnt this already kinda the thing that happens with fame penalty when killing an player with high(er) fame level?

  • Quote from iCapital: “He clearly stated he purchased the LEGENDARY FOUNDERS PACK so therefore, he should have the gold reef. ” Yes, but deciding on his forum ''User'' emblem he bought the Legendary Starter pack, not the founder 1 I think he might confused the 2.

  • No you dont, please read what you get for the Legendary Starter* pack here: - Full access to the game - 12,000 Gold (~$50) - Legendary Avatars - Legendary Horse - Epic Avatars - 90 Days Premium Status - Legendary Equipment - Legendary Cart - Epic Equipment No portrait borders. You get avatars. *Edit: I meant Legendary Starters pack.

  • Quote from IamDigital: “You may want to contact support at ” Yes or open a ticket with your issue.

  • Some positive minded attitude is sometimes necessary and well placed. In this situation I think its both. Edit: Although I think this is the wrong thread section for this.

  • Read the patch/update notes here;…1.0.327%20-%20REV%2094396. Everyone got this message when launching the game. Its just a friendly reminder. If you did not purchased any gold through 3rd party website, its all good.

  • Quote from ryandrew2005: “Hey guys! My name is Ryan and ive gotten into Albion Online the last few days and so far im in love with it. the crafting makes sense and travel and weight restrictions make sense. One question, i did refer my friend Andy to this game and he made an account and got the veteran pack but i did not get any rewards and there is no mail, is this just a glitch or do i need to do something else to claim the refer a friend rewards? I do wish they would get better DDOS protectio…

  • As long as you stay in Blue or Yellow zones in the world You cannot be looted/lose items. Just dont click on the ''DIE'' button when you are downed by enemy mobs or anything. Every item has a durability (you lose 10 durability (10%) everytime you get downed. As long as you repair them they can be used infinitely.

  • No they shouldn't as it is not their doing. They could bring up a more reliable and forward message towards the package buying page about the current status of the game though, (the attacks and such).

  • Quote from RockLobster: “I'm on the fence - on one hand, yes, Arch and OOPS are both ridiculous and it leads to stupidity like zoning into Black and getting wailed on by an ARCH zerg that basically lives at the portal. On the other hand, there's something to be said about no artificial restraints. It's a Sandbox. If half the players in the game want to join one Alliance, who's SBI to step in and stop it? "Nope, you can only ally with X amount of allies" is the very opposite of a sandbox. My feel…

  • Combating "Gold Sellers"

    Dumbledoge - - News Archives


    Quote from AkaiShy: “What would be the best way to report gold seller bot accounts? I usually just report '/report [insert name of the bot here] gold selling bot'. Is there a better way to do that or should I keep doing the same? ” Well this is the most direct ingame thing you can do. If you want you can also take a screenshot where the chat is on screen and send an e-mail regarding the gold seller to (including the screenshot ofcourse) Or you could whisper a ingame MOD …

  • Welcome to the community and forums!

  • Royal "Horse" Token

    Dumbledoge - - Beginner's Questions


    Quote from Stargem: “thank you for responding. Lot of stuff to get use to. Bit of a learning curve and I have been playing these types of games since the realm. Can't wait to get my land! ” You can drop your questions in the help channel in the chat (ingame), ppl are keen to help you there and you might gain faster answers and feedback next time!

  • False Party kicking.

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    Quote from Artimos: “I was in an expedition earlier today. I am a dps in this dungeon with 1 healer and no tank. a alll plate healer was marked as tank. i dont say a word i keep going with the group. out of nowhere at the very end i get kicked with reason eblan. which means idiot in russian. i took the least amount of damage and we never came close to wiping. But the game allows people to just kick whoever they want for whatever they want without consequences. Me being the victim gets a time pen…

  • Contact customer support by ticket or by e-mail. Make sure you send your evidence with the mail and your story. Albion Support: They are probably quite busy working through alot of issues so be patient.

  • Quote from Azlorn: “Quote from Dumbledoge: “Quote from Azlorn: “I immediately begin following them all over the zone doing the same exact thing to them until they leave or log off. I find this highly amusing when they get upset for me doing something they just blatantly did to me. I also train mobs into people that decide to mine near me. I kill about 25-35 people a day with mobs, in pve zones. Ain't I a stinker? ” *Correction you can't kill ppl in PvE zones if you mean the Blue zones with this.…