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  • I have had my island in and operated out of Caerleon since release. But witht he current changes I am thinking about moving to Lymhurst or FS. I don't see how the city is viable in this current release. The risk of transporting to/from Cae has been increased by 2x to 6x. Not to mention it now takes quite a bit of time. There has been no increased reward for this increased risk etiher. I mean maybe black market goods will have less sellers and you can get better prices? Maybe trade goods will be …

  • They way things are now, for 90% of craftable items, the raw materials are worth about twice as much as the finished product. How is this supposed to be normal? Like any other game would be in full panic mode.

  • Any negative feedback is classified as a "rant" and instantly moved there. So if you are wondering why this forum is seems so positive that would be why.

  • Thank you Albion, thank you for reminding me of why I stopped playing so early into your "reboot". I bound to a Lymhurst portal to, you know, play with a friend. And would now like to re-bind to my home in Cae. I am on my 8th attempt to do so. Why? Because there are now only two portals you can reasonably do so from (really 1 in the west) , and a very limited number of routes. So of course zergs are just roaming around those portals, 24/7. Lovely discovery #2, stun lock is still in the game...I …

  • Thank you for the update. But I must say I am a bit disheartened by it. You guys have said during a previous video that 1-3 player content is a huge weakness for the game right now. You know this, you have come out and said it. Yet the only update / improvement to solo up to 3 person play is roaming mobs?? I don't get it. That's not even a bone, its like a quarter bone thrown to us. Hint: ANYTHING in the open world that is worth a lot of silver and fame will NOT be a "1v1" encounter. How many tr…

  • Player Population

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    I'm really starting to struggle to stay "into" this game. My single biggest complaint is that if I have an hour of free time to game, there is very little I can do fame wise. IE you're not going to just hop into a BZ fame farming group for an hour very effectively. Of course if your guild owns a good BZ fame farm spot and there are constant groups going its less of an issue....which brings up the second point. If you can't bring 7.1 at least? to a GvG you are going to lose. Which has created a p…

  • Lymhurst is Dead

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    There are usually 20 or less people in town regardless of when I log in. There are just not enough people based out of Lymhurst to sustain a real market place. Its very hard to sell anything there now, which is driving away the few who remain in an economic death cycle. I finally took the huge hit (had a T5 island) and moved base to Caerleon. I'm not sure what impact this will have on the game, and to anyone who has been playing MMOs the "Ironforge effect" was inevitable I guess. But still its s…

  • Teleported Across the World

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    A signed up for an expedition. However, when the expedition (T6) should have loaded instead the game crashed back to login screen. I logged back in to find myself literally on the other side of the map....8K silver to get back to Lymhurst

  • Do you have a small guild of just you and a few friends and want to keep it that way? Then we are the alliance for you! We are an Alliance of small guilds. We do not have a set agenda as of yet. Our primary purpose is twofold: 1. Allow our small guilds access to each others members via the "Alliance Chat" etc. Have a guild of 5, but only 4 are online? Or maybe your guild of 4 does not have a healer? That's exactly the reason for this alliance. You can go to the alliance for that extra player, kn…

  • Frost mages need to be WAY more frosty and less mage-y! Frost mages have good DPS, but it feels more like a straight damage mage with blue spells and slow thrown in as an after thought (at least at tiers 1-5). The slow mechanic needs to be worked to have more of an impact. I'm not talking about a straight up buff. But allow for some skill shot combos or something to make it feel like you are playing a FROST mage.

  • Yellow zones currently feel too safe. There is little risk/reward for being in a yellow zone. The free-for-all areas (around chests and hell gates) are way more entertaining and serve as a great intro to PvP making the yellow zones even more meaningless. However, when a player starts venturing into red zones its like jumping off a cliff when going from yellow to red. You go from zero risk to huge risk. I would suggest that some of the risk / reward be taken out of the red zones and put into yell…

  • Any Alliances Recruiting?

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    Small guild of 5 looking to join an alliance. Want to try this out during the last bit of beta to see how it works and determine if its better or just merging into a bigger guild is better.