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  • Quote from Trial_hard: “Zerg player ” da fuck?

  • Quote from Boss88: “also forgot to mention how you ruined the game for solo players..... ” its in the best state it ever was for solo players

  • Quote from Worros: “Doesn't seem to be fixed though as we already have a guild with over 100k points ” wrong

  • Could you fix it, so it actually reflects updated values? qNXgGDE.png

  • Hello, while you fixed points in season rankings, could you fix Season points breakdown, because it shows old high might numbers

  • Elite Levels

    tabooshka - - Lands Awakened Feedback


    Quote from Shakul57: “we wanted to alleviate the Fame grind for all players in the form of a buff to Satchels of Insight. ” spend silver to spend silver to generate credits and then spend even more silver to level up, I bet the grind is alleviated.

  • Quote from Agrafka: “but why not make skills a bit more important? ” ?????????

  • I dont understand, when everytime you do UI change, you remove functionality from it Why is total fame on character removed from login screen? Why is silver amount on a character removed form login screen? And how much more is PC version gonna suffer because you decided for the game to be fully mobile?

  • Quote: “13.3 No Manipulation Users may only play the Game personally. They are not permitted to manipulate the Game or use technical tools that give Users an advantage over other players. In particular Users are forbidden to… - Exchange or trade Virtual Benefits for a real money, digital currency such as Bitcoin, third party digital goods or services, or any other real world assets, ” I imagine if they really wanted to enforce this, they would need to ban every "content creator" that does giveaw…

  • HQ Hideouts

    tabooshka - - Rants


    well, its clearly not meant for small guilds, even then, if big alliance decides to camp your zone for 24h you will lose your hideout lol

  • Quote from Aurin: “It seems the only people who care about it is the sheep still in BA who think their guild did nothing wrong ” no one said anything like that, but keep projecting And no, it wasnt unique situation, but keep making up stuff. Now, lets imagine how many guilds actually got "warnings" and nothing has been done about it to this day. On top of, how many banned players participate in crystal championships on their alt accs and SBI only just now started to take action LOL So, everyone …

  • So, can we get a list of names from now on of people that RMT? or is passive agressive blue army leadership mention the meta now? Also, what are you gonna do about people being falsly accused of RMT constantly? Will you ban players harassing them?

  • Quote from Trial_hard: “well if u insist, i even kill from time to time a dual sword in CD but that doesn't mean the weapon is in a state that it makes any sense... ” you mean enigmatic, which is an arcane, which provides shield, because its a support/utility weapon? yes, it does make sense. Or is frost slowing not make sense? Or longbow doing damage not making sense?

  • Quote from Zumzat: “If you want to introduce new items just make new royal weapon branches as you were going to do some time ago. ” that would only make sense if there was other way to get royal sigils, because now its exactly aids

  • Quote from DoomRawrus: “Quote from tabooshka: “its not about being entitled, we just were promised certain amount of updates per year(which has decreased now) and in the past years, every year we have gotten a road map update laying out plans for the future. Notice how are we talking in 2019 roadmap thread. ” I think you might also be forgetting that there has been a world wide pandemic going on for over a year now. ” I think you didnt read last roadmap then

  • Quote from Oshien: “Quote from Ashoracky: “However, we are not ok with their communication towards us and lack of roadmap update information (just compare this year's video to the post from 2019). It feels like they have 0 community managers or employees that actually use this forum. ” What sort of communication do you feel entitled to? They had a roadmap update at the end of June and it looked good. Yes the 2019 roadmap had a lot more sweeping content changes, some of which never happened. Pers…

  • here we go full loop to now complain about swords despite spears and daggers being able to do the same maybe you should just go and destroy crystals instead of complaining, or actually use your brain and counter his E

  • I think hellgates are just a way better and more rewarding activity, which you can do at any time and you dont need a steady non pug team to compete besides getting sponsored by your guild to farm points and level some towers, crystal league is kinda dead otherwise. Im super surprised SBI never does INGAME survey for feedback instead of forum polls or emails.

  • Quote from Trial_hard: “if someone says there is nothing risky about bz or roads it is a pitty u cannot simply down vote such trash tier idiotic comments..sadly ” you are literally irrelevant the moment you said hce is riskless, so im applying the same logic LOL in both cases you risk silver, but you are too ...... to understand that

  • Quote from PaladinoRR: “Quote from tabooshka: “Quote from PaladinoRR: “First u need to find a gold chest and for that much money you need it to be high tier ava to be that good loot. Second is that it will probally be so much stuff that you will need multiple trips or leave 10-20% of the chest. Third is that legendary chest is split by an entire party. So u need to find 4 of those chest so everyone get same amount of silver as HCE. You need 4x the amount of people for a full ava party. Last, you…