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  • Quote from Lofthild: “I still favor what I've always said in regards to Albion: give me a PvP-toggle to turn PvP off and I'll gladly take a ~30-40% fame/silver/loot penalty for being able to PvE whenever I want without the risk of dying due to PvP ” That option called yellow zones

  • I'm curious why 2x2 might reward is 2 times more than CDs reward (~400 against ~200). We have fights every 10 min in HG but only every 20 min in CDs if we get lucky and opponent won't break crystals. Also in corrupted dungeon I risky with x10 more expensive gear.

  • Elite Levels

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    I am surprised so many people are crying here. As old player im happy about extra levels, finally I have something to level up in the game. And yes, I want to get some advantage (extra ip) for invested time. Amount of silver and fame seems pretty fair. 15m silver is not a big deal for old players. Also now people will have option when they reach 100/100 to focus on the others weapons or continue leveling the main. For adepts of "fair pvp with similar ip" in open world mmo pvp game – you have are…

  • Sticked bats in CDs

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    I fuckin died 2 times in 2 days because of this shitty bug when bats can stick to player model and I cant hit him with my fire 3d Q spell – because I hitting the bat instead of player! And its happening since bats released. Do you even have plans to fix that?

  • It looks good BUT this is only new colors, chokes, rivers, etc. If you saw one kind of biome you saw every of them. Same mobs, same hills, same everything everywhere. And looks like nothing gonna change. Why should I care how blue zones biomes looks like if I dont have even one reason to visit it. We need REASONS for exploration. For example in world of warcraft I want to visit every house, every cave because inside can be rare mob or quest or easter-eggs – you never know! Also if you want "Prov…

  • Would be cool if we have some areas for fair pvp fights for those who looking for 5x5, 10x10, even 20x20. Oh, wait a minute!

  • Quote from IanLi: “I searched many youtube channels and posts on forums like this one or reddit but haven't seen anything like that. ” First link in google:

  • After I got knocked by mobs I cant suicide anymore (and its good) but now I have 3 min timer and my opponent can kill bosses or just wait that 3 min just for troll me. Why someone can waste my time like this? Why I cant do nothing? Can this timer be reduced somehow?

  • On the 1st screenshot this guy started casting his Q (fkn offscreen), and the 2nd is when I got last hit from it. Its almost 2 screens away! It have to be nerfed Screenshot_2021-09-15_at_12.23.52.pngScreenshot_2021-09-15_at_12.24.50.png

  • The problem is people with poor gear and glorious rep who permanently roaming red zones to chase red flagged. I saw even naked guy with only 3.0 fire staff equipped who did it 24/7. You kill him – you lose 1k rep. If dont - he deals some damage to you and also keeping you in fight so you cant mount up. I have a little simpler and better solution (I hope): Players with positive rep should lose rep everyday till they reach 0. Same as when you have negative rep, you gaining rep everyday like 1000/d…

  • bridgewatch cape double using

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    Post what is that

  • Quote from hFly: “And there is punishment for those who agree to shrine, they lose more infamy when they die, not enough? ” They lose the same as if they didnt activate the shrine. Okay, this problem can be solved by another way Reward the one whose opponent broke crystals In this way all skippers would be happy, all players who cant beat healers and others meta builds would be happy, all who dont wanna fight against pre-stack on crystals builds would be happy, because they wont lose anything if…

  • Quote from hFly: “Stop trying to force your ideology to a content that is supposed to be a mix o both pve and pvp ” One more time special for the one who cant read: We don't care about people who came to CDs only for pve and didnt activate the shrine. If they got invaded im okay that they go break crystals without any punishment. Cuz you right its half half and also its best fame and probably loot for now. But if player activated that shrine, he agreed for pvp. He can win, he can lose or he can …

  • Quote from Artys: “Ohhh, so that means my items in my guild hideout stash wont be lost right? So I dont have to risk getting ganked while transporting my items out, I can just leave the guild and recover my items from I dont know where yet, but I wont lost my items. Is that correct? ” yes it can be moved to closest blackzones city. also you have to pay some tax and wait some time for it, dont know how much

  • No. You can restore your items from HO. But if you left your items in guild island chest, you cant do nothing with that. Only join same guild again to take it back

  • Quote from Korn: “ ” sorry for bothering but can I have some attention on this topic and hear your thoughts about this situation

  • Today's stat – 5 CDs, 3 times I got invaded by: 8.3 claymore who broke crystals instantly after he saw me and I used overcharge, even without fight 8.3 meta nature, 15 min fight, he had 12 stacks and he broke crystals. one more overcharge wasted normal bear paws – missed his E once and went to break crystals 1.5 hours wasted, zero total profit even with 2 the rest fights I won

  • Quote from hFly: “So you can't punish the guy who doesn't want to fight because what he is doing is RIGHT, and you, who only is looking to kill the opponent and some other guys around here who even suggest to remove the mobs and only do 1v1, you guys are taking the WRONG step. ” we are not talking here about punish guys who came to CD to do pve stuff im talking about those who activated shrine to pvp and escape from fight. For example I had lot of fights against nature staffs, they had 25 bat st…

  • Quote from Unangwata: “ And when you enter CD you declare if you want PVP or not, by using shrine. Crystals are for those who don't. ” kinda yeah, but here im talking about people who used their shrine, they invaded me, and they go break crystals when they see my gear. they are AGREED to pvp and there is no punishment for escaping

  • Quote from Unangwata: “Always punish someone when he doesn't want to do what you want, exactly. I do same thing. ” There is normal solo dungeons for those who dont want to fight. CD is a pvp area and the punishment is for evading pvp