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  • Quote from Midgard: “Quote from Cornflak3s: “i dont really get as to why you're against the idea ” Then you obviously haven't read the posts in this thread ” having it as an option that can be turned on or off based on the player's preference doesnt take away his game experience.

  • Quote from Unangwata: “Quote from pesadelo: “Quote from Midgard: “Quote from pesadelo: “So was opening bags one by one , things change ” Apples and pears. Silver bags WERE an oversight. And you still have to click to get them in your inventory, click to use them. Youre suggesting a zero interaction for silverAuto pick up would be akin to not having to click to pick up say carrots .. just walk over them. Again .. if you want to interact with the open world and pick something up, there should be a…

  • Quote from Midgard: “Auto silver pick up was never meant to be a thing in Albion. It wasn't an oversight that it wasn't included, it was a design choice. If you want the silver, pick it up. The only reason that it was added to mobile is for UI design restrictions on mobile devices. ” what kind of UI design restriction on mobile device are you referring to?

  • Quote from Unangwata: “Quote from Hastatus: “Quote from Unangwata: “Quote from pesadelo: “Quote from Unangwata: “I wonder why people want game play itself for them. They most likely would want it play itself completely, so they just log in and look at virtual wealth. They want auto this , auto that, it always ends bad for the game. You are supposed to play yourself, pick damn gold up. It's not virtual greed contest. ” So auto picking silver is playing the game by itself? Not to mention the fact …

  • Survival mode

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    you can always do this without the dev's intervention. just dont use market, trade and loot others.

  • It is not something new that im requesting im merely requesting a similar function that they put on the mobile version of the game. it is already there just not on the pc version

  • Can we get the auto silver loot function on pc version of the game? Thanks!