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  • yeah I agree, while this update is a step on the right direction, there are many things that need to be fixed/improved, like the 8v1

  • Quote from Heyayajajaja: “SBI get your head out of the sand and look at markets history prices. Literally everything that is gear related quadrupled in prices. Are you going to fix this issue you've caused soon or you're just waiting till everything crashes and people can't afford their sets anymore and go for content ? ” it will fix itself in a couple of weeks after the hype ends

  • Quote from Borbarad: “name of topic should be changed to: lands awakened, best patch for gatherers. ” nah it should be changed for "3 users fightning and crying about the other being bad at gathering"

  • the problem healing staffs caused wasnt because of smite or thorns, it was because they could easily overheal your damage while they used mage cowl, poison potions and damaged you from other sources so to fix this, why not make it so that the damage penalty isnt applied to the weapon, but everything else so smite, healing pulse, thorns and any other damaging abilities can be used again, and people dont use mage cowl to damage the enemy while healing themselves

  • Quote from PaladinJavier: “Quote from LagartixaBombada: “Quote from PaladinJavier: “Quote from Mrpotato: “So buff a weapon that is meta in 5v5 And nerf a weapon that is little more than a nerfed broadsword, got it ” It's a secondary tank. It needs to bring back 35%damage per stack. No damn comparison to braindead weapons.Glaive E =600 damage.Broadsword E= 1200 damage. Zero mobility. Last patch was awful balance against Spears. ” Basic Spear Attack: 600 dmgBroad Sword Basic Atack: 200dmg Spear St…

  • Quote from Quagga: “Quote from Borbarad: “And people wonder why few people take forum seriously - it´s because of so many people speaking out on things they don´t know anything about. ” It's a trend to talk about everything and anything no matter if you are right or wrong, just to talk. albion forum is pure cancer. No matter if you play one tree for 3 years or more, no matter if you know all the tricks... a guy comes who plays cd for a few months and he knows better. ” [insert weapon or armor] i…

  • Quote from magnathyr: “I have gotten a little further in the game now and would like to see FORCED PVP changed in the following ways. NO FORCED PVP except in BLACK ZONES. ---- When entering a black zones you are informed that entering will flag you as PVP and black zones are FULL LOOT... Full Loot is everything in your inventory that is NOT equipped and the winner gets 2 random equipped items. SWITCHING between PVP & PVE flags can only be done in a city and can be done immediately upon entering …

  • So buff a weapon that is meta in 5v5 And nerf a weapon that is little more than a nerfed broadsword, got it

  • direct damage; direct damage isnt just "non DoT", is the damage that I deal to you If I hit you with a shield is not the same that if I block a hit with a shield ans you break your hand Anyway boltcasters not poping merc jacket is fine, now you need less braindead combos

  • Quote from isayyyyyyy1111: “Dont worry, albion will die anyways as people will quit eventually xD ” yeah, because that isnt the same thing crybabies have been saying since years ago

  • if you cant gather because too much competition that means its because lots of gatherer If lots of gatherers that means gathering is good If gathering is good then gatherers are happy You can play as solo, altho is true that its becoming harder, but still And tbh this is one of the best updates since I started playing, and I have a small non-PvP oriented guild

  • Quote from gmatagmis: “Can i have your stuff? ” you are late, first come first serve

  • Quote from DarthChewy: “This is false... The Hellion jacket is not considered as a heal, but of the leech of life. Why dont have malus healing with healer staff. ” hellion jacket isnt affected by healing cast, but is afected by healing recived, just like merc jacket and those things

  • Stop

    Mrpotato - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    and because force field is annoying in one content it has to be removed Corrupted dungeon player logic

  • Quote from PaladinJavier: “Quote from LagartixaBombada: “Quote from PaladinJavier: “Quote from Tabor: “That is a fair enough point. This is the approach they "should" take on nerfs is smaller tweaks to start and then quick follow up tweaks if needed. But more than often a complete nerf hammer is dropped virtually crushing the item. The E damage is still high it should be further nerfed. Stun, mobility, and iframe is already a ton in one E they should probably gut the damage. ” what? This is a da…

  • Quote from DarthChewy: “Yeah because its break... Why you can stack if you dont touch the guys lolll You can use hellion jacket and full heal with glace, with mob . The points here, Mercenary hood cancel silence or stun, why this glace hood cancel stun, silence, counter healing,buff,burst, ALL. I understand that this hood saves your life, but, it should be reworked and that’s a fact. ” this isnt true, hellion jacket doesnt heals that much, and you recive only half healing while frozen

  • Quote from Psycha: “Quote from Achillie: “DoT is damage over time after all. So if the skill does damage over a certain amount of time, then that skill falls under the interaction. I think it is pretty clear. ” DoT's are poison applications or curse/bleeds. If they devs confuse this then they really shouldn't be balancing an MMORPG. ” it has always been a DoT, a channeled DoT that stacks for every second same applies to holy W2, its a channeled HoT that stacks every second

  • just wait some days and a lot less ppl will gather

  • Quote from Trial_hard: “Quote from Nin21: “Nature staff is just a garbage weapon now, they should just remove it lmao ” it is needed for group things ” holy is just better sadly

  • Quote from Raithe: “1. The map is TERRIBLE please scrap the map and use create a real map or use the nice Galahad map. 2. The game needs PvE. The Dungeons are just garbage in AO. Please scrap these garbage dungeons and create dungeons that are fun to run. 3. The whole 50 on 1 bully PvP is garbage. Please scrap your PvP system and create a new one. Really AO is just badly put together. Maybe scrap it and try again? ” if you dislike everything then why keep playing