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  • just put in every land something to conquer with 5 man , any time of the day, good for lots of silver or lower taxes on some gear ress to craft or little damage buffs for the guild like +1% , give us all a reason to come out of our shelves and not to risk our 500k gear for nothing Plz if you think about this , thats what we all need, guilds stayed in the game to conquer castles , we all want to fight but there is not much to teally fight for, not fighting at a specific time no no no , real life …

  • having the same problem on both pc nothing works never had problems before, now failed to apply patch this is terrible

  • Anyone else, FAILED TO APPLY PATCH????

  • Not for me, and i'm Legendary Founder, there still seems to be a problem with aplying the download after downloading, I keep getting an error. Never happend before,... PC more then good enough. HELP -- REPAIR doesn't work Full reinstall doesn't work PLZ HELP

  • All crash reports pls post here!

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    Can't play the game, this is bad, real bad,... I was looking forward to this day, and I can still not update ALBION Reinstalling doesn't work, HELP --- REPAIR doesn't work I CANT PLAY, I PAYED FOR THIS GAME PLZ HELP