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  • Quote from Borbarad: “Quote from Grrwal: “Quote from Borbarad: “ ” Loot is more damaged the more gankers that attack you : . I have done several "hunt me" events in the redzone and both times only about 30% of the loot didn't trash and that was 1v1 or 1v2. ” Nobody cares about the repair bill. Unless trash rates increases, people won´t care. ” zvz guilds that need loot from fights to support regear programs beg to differ.

  • The moment someone mentions “PVP server” or “PVP flag” we know they are simply playing the wrong game. No use arguing with them cause what they really want is another WoW clone not a full loot open world pvp mmo.

  • Yeah no. That’s not how open world pvp MMO’s work.

  • OW fame seems a tad bit too much.

    Georg51 - - Rants


    Quote from solventh: “bud. newcomers can reach the fame level u got in all ur playing time FASTER than you and in the end they can even reach the ip you got now. (as a not too realistic example,) they will lose 3 months for this while you wasted 12 months for this. "u r not gonna be ahead." sbi is trying to make them reach you. u should. get. upset. ” you realize that all MMOs have progression acceleration right? It’s a necessity to increase new player population. It’s not like SBI is offering c…

  • Lands awakened ruined small man ganking =(

    Georg51 - - Rants


    Quote from solventh: “Quote from Sorutkan: “Mount changes the best thing they brought to Albion imo. ” it s like close to the worst in 5 years imo. ” Dude you started a thread crying about how this patch made it easier to get ganked and whines about dying…. Then you say that one of the changes that make ganking harder is one of the worst changes?? What drugs are you on? Anyways, on the topic of ganking, I just can’t relate to the sentiment in here that small scale ganking is ruined. Maybe that’s…

  • Quote from Quagga: “introducing IP limits per zone is not a bad idea either... it will increase the value of the zones... it will introduce silver sink... and most of all it will reduce scouting and rats... on the other hand gatherers and people who troll people in boss zones will lose content... hmm ” creating barriers in this game is the opposite of what SBI has been wanting to do. There’s already arguably too much “instanced content” in the game and this latest patch has clearly indicated the…

  • The entire purpose of buffing open world and static mobs, and nerfing dungeon fame, is intentionally and specifically to increase the number of player interaction scenarios. Going back and buffing dungeon fame and loot would do the complete opposite of this. If anything they should do away entirely with random dungeon spawns in the black zones since literally no one does them (people pop maps - absolutely no one fames in natural spawned dungeons anymore). As for scouts - the fix is to have a ran…

  • Quote from solventh: “Quote from Razzbane: “Quote from solventh: “Quote from fuckinhellman: “Welcome to the Albion Mr. Carebear. Openworld used to be twice as scary back in the day. ” the open world was giving chances to solo players back in the day. now you dont have any chance if you are alone thanks (!) to our map designer and the dismount changes.lets c how long it is gonna take our devs "to realize" what they have done. ” i'm having fun mostly solo. Didn't get proper successful gank yet (ze…

  • Why do solo players continue to think that the open world is meant exclusively for them? Go do CD's.

  • Quote from Nebelfaust: “If you are a solo player, not interested in guild play or PVP you better just uninstall. Everything SBI does lately is targeted to gankers. Solo players have a hard time and if you gather you are basically now even an easier target with all the choke points on the new maps and the changes to dismounting. SBI just shows the middle finger to solo players who don't care about PVP. They market this game as sandbox MMO where you can do anything but basically shove you open wor…

  • How about - if there is a player standing at or near the entrance for a certain period of time, the dungeon spawns roaming mobs that patrol the area and attack scouts

  • I was trying to list new weapon artifacts on the market but the sell tab did not even recognize the artifacts in my inventory and I was unable to sell them.

  • To be fair, Bogul has been known to use his position on the RT to speculate item prices and profit greatly from it (he was even outspoken regarding the satchel and tome prices that were affected by changes made late to a patch after he already did buyouts to profit from it) so yeah, players like him only hurt the game economy. It’s pretty despicable that he’s allowed to be a caster while influencing the game that way.

  • Quote from CassX: “AO is a free to play game and you want to tell new players to buy premium for real money only right at the start of their AO journey? ” No new players are actually doing this, so yes, I want people abusing referral skins to pay real money.

  • The solution is actually MUCH simpler. Just make it so that referral skins can only be traded ONCE, and that referrals only count if premium is purchased using real money. problem fixed.

  • Elite Levels

    Georg51 - - Lands Awakened Feedback


    Nah I read it. You just didn’t read what I said Have you tested it? Or are you just going to cry about it without knowing what the 20 extra spec per item will do?

  • YZ FW needs soft IP cap

    Georg51 - - Feedback & Suggestions


    "But I take risk because if I get downed then I have a high repair bill!" -And if you think this statement is ludicrous, you also understand why HCE is stupid.

  • Quote from Deathskills: “but let's block a smaller amount to other people just for the sake of blocking it. ” Again, you want to benefit from them - join or make a guild that has a hideout/terry. Stop crying about a content feature that is intentionally made for guilds that have hideouts/terrys if you are not in a guild that has hideouts/terrys. I've said it three times now so if you can't get it then I can't help ya.

  • Quote from Deathskills: “Can't deny capture of those to owners of terry and HO ” Except they go away after a certain period of time no? Either way, you're complaining about not being able to take part in HO/Terry related content because you don't have a HO/Terry. When I've proven you can take part in the content even without a HO/Terry, and if you want to directly benefit from cores/crystals then go get yourself a HO or Terry. Stop acting like every game feature should cater directly to you. Thi…