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  • Quote from PrintsKaspian: “Fixed an issue where 20v20 Crystal League matches did not reward Territory Energy Points ” Are points that would've been earned getting added retroactively?

  • Quote from GluttonySDS: “kinda stupid to only allow ppl with hideouts or Terri's to interact with energy cores... should be tradeable or sellable or something to allow everyone to participate. ” Maybe turn them in at a rest for a Might payout

  • hey @Obelis I coulnd't find any information on how fast the tower energy decays and how much energy a territory crystal grants. Sorry if that information has already been supplied but could you post/link it here?

  • If dragon leap kills with the first activation, you do not get the ability to cast the uppercut

  • @tabooshka MG vs June sun vs Mudhouse they both didnt pull through till the end but the intent was there.

  • Quote from Hellements: “Thanks for the feedback and inputs everyone. Crystal GvG Season Points were capped because you were able to create almost infinite season points by adding more crystal teams. Territories and Castles on the other hand are limited through game design and therefore have a hard cap there. There are currently no plans to limit point gains from other activities than Crystal GvGs. - Hellements ” Well there was also a cap on cgvg points, it was just higher(300 people/guild).

  • @Cessari My 2 suggestions dont havr to be added together. The thing you quoted would just limit the amount of guilds being able to earn battlemount ranks thus making it more competetive even on the lower end. As to what content should give points that would be up for the devs to decide. I personally believe the metrics in place should be : Territory ownership Castle ownership Pvp fame Pve fame Crafting fame Gathering fame/resource value Hellgates 20v20 cgvg points 5v5 cgvg points

  • @Bogul I thought about it and what do you think about my sugggestion? Another idea i had is to rank guilds not my total points but how well they perform in relation to everyone else. For example: Top 5 guilds get crystsl Top 25 gold Top 100 silver Rest gets only portrait

  • Ok please move this to the correct forum section(forum banter).

  • I'm going to be the voice of reason here and point out the obvious. The strongest guild has never won a season. The strongest coalition wins the season. Always has been that way. Always will be that way. Now since we have alot of people here already, let me share my opinion on how to 'fix' the issue at hand. Now first of all there is literally no way of prohibiting guilds from doing politics to secure objectives. What im suggesting will however drastically limit the impact of that. Well here goe…

  • daybreaker

    keeperofnature - - Bugs


    Daybreaker E-Skill : Breakthrough removes rejuvenation stacks, even though the description says that healing over time effects shoulnd't get purged.

  • minor mail bug

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  • minor mail bug

    keeperofnature - - Bugs


    - Description of the issue: Bug when opening unread mail - Steps to reproduce:have enough mail in your mailbox that you can scroll down. open an unread mail after scrolling down a bit. Press the close button on the mail. - Result: You will be returned to the top of the mail-page. - Expected result: You will be returned to the last opened mail( the one that you just closed)

  • seems like a bad idea. Kinda removes alot of defender advantage when a city is getting sieged.

  • hey. Will this go live before or after the high level matches this weekend(5v5/20v20 cgvg).

  • the state of 20v20

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    Hello everyone, I'm currently on one of the most active 20v20 crystal league teams(19 UTC) and got encouraged to share my opinion on the state of 20v20 on the forum so here we are. Level ones are VERY alive. I attribute this to the fact that you spend very little to nothing for a potential of 1million fame in characterbound tomes. No problem here really. Some teams do level two but not really that many and sometimes it's just one team hoping for a noshow which then sits tent when there's an actu…

  • Table of contents : 0 : Introduction 1 : Faction warfare 2 : Hellgate rework 3 : loadouts 0 : Introduction Hello, My name is keeperofnature(some people might know me as iengage). I‘ve been playing albion since about launch. In this post I‘d like to give some feedback for the most recent patch Call to Arms after about two weeks of playing it. Note that if i don‘t mention certain aspects of the patch, it‘s because i don‘t see issues with it, or that i haven‘t explored them well enough yet. I will …

  • run non-lethals?

  • You can view associates on any station already.

  • chest log bug

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    Copying the chest logs does not copy the last entry on every page.