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  • Quote from StellerNova: “Quote from Monatron: “If the hardcap will not happen because it will hurt casuals or whatever. Then there should be another drastic change that will address mindless ZERG. The new zerg debuff is not enough. Only natural way to counter is friendly fire outside of party members imo. SBI would not force anyone to do anything by this. But it will be REAL pain to organise big zerg and dont AOE your own ppl. ” Honestly why do people like the idea of friendly fire? This just me…

  • Poll: Alliance Feature

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    Hi all, Somee time ago, I made a suggestions for this regard. Alliances are not a bad feature for a game like AO, the bad thing, it's the current design that's so simple and not elaborate.…ghlight=Atkyns#post160780…ghlight=Atkyns#post172055 So, for the actual alliances system, my vote is for Remove it and improve it.

  • Disarray (Zerg Debuff)

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    Quote from Devastate: “...I stil think that the best and only solution is completely removing alliances, let people do non aggression pacts, but the players will still be able to attack each other. ” Quote from Equart: “I think we need new global survey. ” those new features that are trying to diminish the impact of zvz problems (bigger groups taking advantage of the small ones), "disarray" could be just another bad piece of code for the game, it could turn into just another poor line of code...…

  • Dagger Q needs an AoE, something for a better FF experience. Also... In imho Swords Q should be the Dagger Q, It's simply ridiculous to see a dude carriying a huge Sword or two of them, and moving faster than a man carriying a simple Dagger...

  • To the OP imo AO has more zones than it should, i mean Only two zones will be better, Blue and Red. Blue where no ones can switch to hostile status, and Red where everyone can choose being hostile or not. I wrote some ideas weeks algo in here about a better Reputation System and zones:

  • i feel ya brah, they didn't take any consideration on that, we're just another bunch of players. We supported them almost from the beginning, now they turn their backs on us and put us in an endless line...

  • looking forward for this, awesome ^_^!

  • Thank you, SBI have an amazing game and they can do even a much better product. I just want to give them and share some ideas.

  • yeah, healers can solo ff without any support, they can FF ez

  • Hi Hill, The idea of keeping T8 zones parted from cities, is to make them more challenging.

  • Quote from Gank: “Quote from Atkyns: “I totally agree, PORTS were amazing and colud be fantastic if we have them back. The Realm Gate wasn't a good addition to the game imo. Pelase have a look if you have time Albion Online - Ideas to improve ” Ports were implemented awfully. Just like the RG was. ” probably, but please elaborate. Maybe we can give more ideas to SBI.

  • I totally agree, PORTS were amazing and colud be fantastic if we have them back. The Realm Gate wasn't a good addition to the game imo. Also i think the way guilds and alliances works needs to evolve Pelase have a look if you have time Albion Online - Ideas to improve

  • Hello everyone! I would like to share with you some ideas, just suggestions of how Albion could be a more immersive world like in the video they presented, Everybody Matters. Albion Online is a game that was presented as Full PvP; the challenge of SBI is to make it converge seamlessly with its great PvE content. The map, the world of Albion should be different, in a different way that allows both aspects can coexist and enjoy each other without conflicts, or at least to try to minimize as much a…

  • Alliances

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    Alliances in AO were poorly designed, that was the problem... So right now they are a problem, YES.

  • Quote from Spikey: “The game had a perfectly good system for travel in beta with the harbour/ ports systems. They where great and you hastily removed them and now your making another mistake with this move. Your trying to band aid a problem without tackling the root causes: 1. Alts. Everyone has multiple of them now to t8 min 100/400 in a ZvZ build. Your proposed change doesn't tackle the problem of just logging into a different character. 2. Allaince. We have alliances right now with 2000+ memb…

  • In fact It's the opposite of what you said about small scale OW. It's more easy to coordinate 2 to 5 ppl than 10+. I guess you couldn't imagine a scenario in where the rules I'm proposing would apply, that's why you stated the above...

  • Hello everyone! I was thinking about a new Reputation System, I would like to know what you think about it. What would be the advantages or disadvantages it might have? Is it a good or a bad idea? Why? OBJECTIVE Invite both new and veteran players to participate in the Albion Open World by mitigating the abuse of the Zerg. PROPOSED SYSTEM In orden to hit other players, Flag up will be necessary. Knock down a player (0 assists) increases the bad reputation and put a CRIMINAL mark on. CRIMINAL mar…

  • Amazing job O_0! Which technologies do you use? Frontend & Backend

  • Well, at least i bring some ideas, suggestions to the table. In your opinion, why this could be a bad idea?

  • nop, that's not the point... Well it have playing AO since alphas and FF have change sligly but yeah, since lethal mobs have been gone, players do FF as i describe above. Tell you what... I can give you some tips about how to effciently FF Topic aside, probably body blocking could give other flavour to the game, honestly that could be something amazing, dunno but interesting.