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  • I like it, to wear next gears i have to kill MOBS...I think the ppl who's complaining about it maybe they play 1 hours a day til they quit ..feeling like u guy wanna get everything in a few hours game play huh? by the way i wasn't talking about your busy life here ..Simple for me NO time NO play but i will play even i am busy ..Hardcore all the way even life is tough..>>P Most ppl use BUSY LIFE for excuse ahahahhaha LIVE ON//

  • Hello Albion players

    kinglazyOO - - Introduce yourself!


    In game name gona be Eneru .. Really appriciate if no1 choose my name ..TY I am hardcore PK player(not a Noob player) Gona be long term player even not play the game yet.. Friends today // Enemy tomorrow .. Add me plz if any of u guy gona be here in long-term players .>>> Best of luck to u ALL..