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  • I'm out

    Cullah - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Quote from H4n1baL: “@eeZeE I love my job more than anything else in my life right now. And I'm sure the same is true for many other employees at SBI. Almost nobody goes into game development for money but mostly for his or her passion. That doesn't mean, that being a game designer or graphic artist or programmer or qa technician is not a job. Yes, we are getting paid. Should we not get paid because we're developing a game? Should we not care about our jobs? The possibility to work on Albion Onl…

  • Quote from Danitsia: “The silence is deafening. ” You posted on a weekend, what do you expect.

  • Locked Pumpkins

    Cullah - - Bugs


    They aren't linked to mobs at camps. Can just run up, destroy pumpkins and get the loot without touching mobs. Not sure if that's intended.

  • In game name is Inimica. Currently t6.1 cursed skull, hunter hood, merc jacket and guardian boots. T7 fiber gatherer and refiner. Finally have a chance to put in some hours. EAST timezone.

  • I Envision Ox Armies

    Cullah - - Forum Banter


    In all seriousness I was thinking about this the other day. Since I see many players comparing EVE to AO and SBI alike. Why not make "Dreadmounts." Because everyone talks about Zerg this and Zerg that why not throw something else into the mix. Mammoths that have a stomp ability which stuns (because this game revolves around CC.) An AE damage (another heavy focus of the game.) Or a trumpet that boosts attack speed or damage while in a certain range. And in order to heal a Mammoth it would require…

  • Its only as high as it is because of trial accounts rofl.

  • They should really start testing zones with friendly fire. These zones would be the cream of the crop as far as resources and fame go. The tactics of large groups would change incredibly. And it would allow for smaller scale PvP to shine.

  • How about this. When night falls in a blue zone make it a yellow zone. When night falls in yellow make it red (for a limited time.) And spawn higher tier resources. Of course they would have to be on rotation so people could always have that comfort blanket of going to another blue zone. It would bring life to the surrounding cities, people would be making more drops and using the refiners and crafter's.

  • Quote from Akiga: “I just wonder why this game is called Albion online instead of `Caerleon online` Fix Caerleon, remove portal, remove instanced rubbish. Give players huge incentives to go out of the world out there. Make end game PVE contents in Blue Zone and Yellow Zone. Just make it possible to kill players in certain situations in Blue Zone and Yellow Zone like EVE online. Please reward individual PvPers with some cosmetic stuff or whatever else. Even Carebears with 0 kill fame can get Elde…

  • Quote from Captainrussia: “that things take time to build/develop ” I guess 4 years of testing and development isn't enough time to make even a mediocre game on release.

  • Here is a good question Zaffington. If you and Captainrussia were to copulate, do you think the EVE avatar would look hideous?

  • As far as social media goes, you'd expect multiple companies to give reviews of a game that offers such "fresh" mechanics. How many credible companies have done that?

  • Money Guild are OUT!

    Cullah - - Forum Banter


    Quote from Dragnon: “Game is obvious cash grab scam. 2 years of totally ignored beta feedback going in the complete opposite direction of the original vision. ” I couldnt agree with you more. If I were SBI I would be working on my next title. Quality has no meaning to these people.

  • Hahaha, glad someone appreciates the humor in it.

  • I swear, this is what you see when gank squads are chasing you. Trying to kill one person...1 And then the celebration for one kill.…20271511382102017/video/1

  • With just an overall lack of combat design and defensive capabilities to deter large groups of somolians. With so many damn stuns, roots and slows the out numbered never stands a chance. It's ridiculous, but this is the game SBI wanted. So we have to get use to it.

  • Regardless of what the community says, SBI loves their game and all of the progress they made. It would seem completely negligent if they didn't. They're still taking in a steady stream of money I'd imagine and that really is the only purpose. I don't see any passion or creativity in the game, that can actually keep a player engaged. I mean, you don't have to be totally in love with your job and let it take over your entire life. But god damn, from what I've seen lately from staff members it's j…

  • Flex

    Cullah - - Forum Banter


    Quote from MasterZedX: “I specify in the ability to take on multiple people alone, and still enjoy the game for what it is. ” Yeah, you enjoy the game until the man starts keeping you down. Then we see your true colors, no pun intended.

  • In all honesty, what's the point in keeping them? They serve no purpose on The Royal continent.

  • Advertising Albion Online

    Cullah - - Rants


    Obviously this thread will be moved to rants. But I'll get my bit in before it's gone. The whole "you are what you wear" schtick was the worst idea. Progression should never be determined by the items you wear. It's just a ridiculous concept for a self proclaimed "hardcore sandbox" game. That, coupled with cool downs, energy consumption and only 9 buttons to press. Beating on a dead horse. Not much can be done at this point. Drastic, and I mean drastic changes need to be made if they want to bri…