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  • There you go: just had to look though the news page for about 3 minutes.

  • Quote from PaladinJavier: “Hunter hood is dead. No one uses it rn. ” That's not true. I love my Hunter Hood. Too many times I have messed someone up because they popped a Great Axe E, and I just stayed glued to them. It's perhaps the best leather hood there is.

  • Quote from ImaDoki: “i'm sorry but... can anyone arguing that daggers are OP meta and everything shows any info regarding that? Cause i don't remember the last time i saw daggers in CDs/Hellgates except for Black Hands, which i see frequently. Been months since i saw a Dagger Pair or Dagger. Maybe one Deathgivers. ” Single Hand Daggers are pretty damned good. Royal Helm and Dagger makes a deadly combination. If you want evidence, do a youtube search.

  • Quote from Borbarad: “Quote from Apak00: “ ” 1h dagger is just a zero skill one shot build. I am sorry if it´s too hard for you to press buttons in correct order. ” The use of phrase one-shot in this game is ridiculous. Makes me wonder if people can count.

  • Quote from Mosherk: “Again we see that the game is very unfriendly to new players in order to give older players the fun in ruining someone's else game. as long as the main objective stays bottonfeeding gangbangs the playerbase (and profits) will just decrease over time. Hating and harassing the customer's cry for help is not a healthy way to run a business. How many paying customers we lost due to ragequit after a lag spike gangbang? ” You are making a lot of assumptions and assertions that are…

  • It would be more accurate to classify this game as an MMORPG Style Arena game. It's not an RPG, it's an Arena game that is stylized as an RPG. Additionally the idea that you have to play in junk gear when going into PvP zones is nonesense. Yes you should do that if you have the intent to look for a fight and don't want to spent too much money on a near guaranteed loss of gear. However, lots of people successfully play in 7 and 8+ tier gear without significant loses because they play smartly, and…

  • Exploding arrows apply to normal arrows. The normal bow's E ability shoots faster and improved arrows over time, but they are still essentially normal arrows. There are two bows which will not apply explosive power to the E slot ability. If I recall, the rest do. Mistpiercer E does not shoot arrows, it shoots "Lucent Hawks" Bow of Badon E creates a "Raging Storm"

  • Quote from kingish: “Hi there, I have been playing this game for more than two months now ans enjoying it alot. Also enjoying premium membership. I wanted to request to change the name of Trinity Spear to something else because meaning of Trinity is reflecting conecpt of Christianity religion. MMO game should have namings that not have any religious connections. If you see my game chracter KINGISH, I lvled up Trinity Spear alot and liked its skills alot. But couple days back when I found Trinity…

  • New to AO

    WetWilly - - Introduce yourself!


    If you are looking for a relatively casual guild that does group activities pretty much every evening, then I recommend you give us a try. Following along on these group activities will help level up through the lower levels very quickly.

  • Manaual Recover Items

    WetWilly - - Beginner's Questions


    I think this is two distinct and unrelated issues being conflated together, but I will try to keep all you issues separate here. This is what I think is happening. 1) Recovering items does NOT include items you placed on the hideout market for sale. They will stay for sale until they are either sold or they time out. 2) items crafted and placed on sale in the royals has nothing to do nor has any affect on items for sale nor for item recovered from hideouts. This is what I think you are experienc…

  • It's not a problem with the game coding, the Unity engine is known to be expensive despite the low poly graphics. In my game when running a pretty bare test bed scene, it's still a very expensive application. That's not an SBI problem, it's a Unity problem.

  • Quote from Sponik: “Quote from WetWilly: “Dude, no....he doesn't understand ... he's a fascist. He doesn't have to realize simple facts, he creates his own and mutes everyone else. ” Imagine calling everyone who doesn't share your politically correct ideology a fascistYou are a clown ” No I am saying you thinking that anyone who has an opposing view to you should be muted a fascist point of view.

  • Post it in Bugs....I think this is an unintended design bug that wasn't considered and should be reported as such.

  • Quote from Sponik: “The game doesn't run like shit... it's your pc/phone that is shit ” Ignore this troll, he's a fascist....He makes up his own facts, and wants you silenced. Just search his activity for proof.

  • This update needs to be rolled back. It's a poorly thought out design. People either read the messages or they don't. Hiding transactions doesn't help anyone. If anything it just caused Fear Uncertainty and Doubt about whether or not they are actually getting the money they should be receiving.

  • Quote from Cringendary: “Quote from ShanDu97: “Quote from Cringendary: “Quote from Sponik: “Quote from Cringendary: “The fuck are you on about? I just said he tells his fans NOT to POST his VIDEOS anywhere because they will get DOWNVOTED. You realize it's trolls like you posting his vids there, right? ” Take a sip of water and calm down...And even "trolls like me" have lines they will never cross, these lines are posting swolebenji sh*tty videos.Quote from CrimsonShades: “WE DID IT REDDIT #12Pag…

  • Quote from Sponik: “Quote from WetWilly: “This is the are using words like "cannot". ” You don't need to teach me English, I wanted to use this word since it's against the law to do so (see a few comments above)We can always take it to the extreme What sounds better You should not steal OR you cannot steal (There is a rule against it so you CANT) You should not rape OR you cannot rape (There is a rule against it so you CANT) You should not kill OR you cannot kill (There is a rule …

  • It is best to plan on carrying the journals for the teir below the most monsters you are going to see. If you are fighting in T6 dungeons, carry a T5 journal. However if you are fishing, carry the Tier for which you are fishing so you get the most points from that fish and the fist below. For isntance, if you fish in T7 zones, you well almost never see a fish below T5, so carry a t7 journal and get the maximum benefit.

  • Quote from Sponik: “He cannot make lies and hurt Albion's player base And here is where you are wrong ” This is the are using words like "cannot". The words you should probably use is "should not". Notice I did not say you "cannot use those words". Cannot is an absolute, should not is a recommendation. One is a recommendation, the other is totalitarian and fascist at worst and and authoritarian at best. If you want to understand the implications and impact of having regulated thou…

  • Quote from Sponik: “Quote from WetWilly: “So you think SBI even knows who you are? ” How did you get this from what I wrote to you?They don't have to know me in order to share the same ideology with me... you only hear what you want to hear and that's a problem. ” I am not sure you are using the words you mean. I doubt seriously that you share the same ideology.