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  • I would like to see a monthly premium option where the account with all three characters can be premiums and pay $30 or so for that option. No need for hustling for silver and not enjoying the game because we missed the silver/gold monthly premium on a single account with ALT characters because something did not sell. I want to enjoy the game and not just hustle for the month to get the other 2 ALTs to premium.

  • Join us if gathering, crafting and PvE is your main focus, we are the guild for you. We are a laid back guild based out of Lymhurst, but we will be doing dungeons in the safe areas also for fame and loot. If by chance you want to do PvP you are welcome to flag up and join any group or alliance party we are associated with. You play your character as you see fit. We do not force specific roles on anyone. When we have solidified our wealth and can indulge in PvP in yellow, red and black zones we w…

  • Check us Out at Built From Scratch. We are a laidback gathering and crafting guild mostly PvE oriented. Here is the link for our guild . See you in the game after launch.

  • Introduction

    Sellian - - Introduce yourself!


    Sellian here leader of the guild Built From Scratch. Saying hello to all players here.