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  • Can we take a moment to appreciate how little fun this mob is, how annoying it is to fight, how little thought went into making it? Absolutely annoying game design. Who would have thought people would have fun fighting mobs that force you to leash them and all the mobs around them by punching you back significantly out of their aggro radius. Either remove their knockback, decrease it to a reasonable distance, remove their spicy diarrhea preventing you from backing yourself against a wall, or inc…

  • WAIT!!?? Lag hasn't yet been banned from the game? This should have been done a long time ago. What hath the devs been doing?

  • Despite the Sever server issues, UDL is still killing every mother fucker ever

  • Quote from Delphisto: “I used to be in the clan back during vanilla WoW and City of Heroes. You guys could always hang with any group in PvP. I really enjoyed my time. My only reason for leaving was the horrible process of being constantly berated by a veteran "knight" as they tried to break you down before letting you become a full fledged member. Seriously, it was constant verbal abuse and insults 24/7. I felt like someone was trying to get me to join a cult. Is that still the culture of the g…

  • Quote from TheArimatheus: “It takes a HELL of a lot longer to earn 4 mil silver than it does to make ten bucks, lol. I don't care what kinda scam you're running. ” No, it really doesn't.

  • Quote from Player112: “Quote from Bastyon: “The gaming industry would be in a sorry state if they had to give everything away out of fear of their hard work being always labelled as "P2W". ” I would label this one more as a P2L - pay to log in. ” Well if you decide to keep playing the game, rush straight to carleon, where people who have big balls play Quote from Ryuden: “The biggest of the problems isn't even the queue itself... It is the fact that you HAVE to wait in queue, and, when you final…

  • Quote from Amoebius76: “Hey there, Barricuda is right, it's a known bug and we will fix it soon. Until then, I've heard the workaround is disabling/enabling your own name tag in Settings -> Name Tags. ” Good to know

  • That's a known bug that just showed up in today's update, all you can do is cry until they hotfix it.

  • Quote from Bastyon: “Perhaps I'm slightly old school (and I am by no means "old") in my thinking but it wasn't all that long ago when free to play as a model for games didn't exist. I remember when every game you bought or played had to be purchased upfront. With the exception of demo discs stuck to gaming magazines, any game worth playing cost at least £30 upfront. Furthermore, these games were not MMOs with ongoing server maintenance costs as most of the hosting was done on by third party/clie…

  • We are recruiting new players and experienced players into the ranks of an elitist pvp faction - The Undead Lords

  • Solo Farming

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    I usually just wait for others to get online, ultimately everything else just feels pointless. Sometimes I solo farm direwolves for pups, but that's just my catharsis. My fingers are crossed for these solo random dungeons we will be getting.

  • All these cry babies in here wouldn't last a day in Albion anyways.

  • Hi, I'm Barricuda of the Undead Lords. I live solely to Praise Myrkul and to sacrifice the souls of my enemies to The Lord of Bones. I joined Albion over a year ago with my guild in order to reap the souls of mortals across the realm. I look forward to murdering you in the name of Myrkul, The Lord of Bones.

  • Why is this still not a thing?

  • Praise Myrkul, The Lord of Bones.

  • Squire Bump

  • Quote from Gank: “dude you click a tree and you dismount. ” Sounds like an honest mistake.... For people who are bad at video games.

  • Asking them to remove centralization from the central in-game city? That breaks the foundation of MMOs. Specifically the massively multiplayer part. If someone walks into the major in game city and sees only 10 people they will say "games dead" even though it isn't. Just like trash do now. What you're asking just isn't possible for this game in its current state.

  • Quote from bloodpawn: “Reducing walk speed AND being able to be stunned and silenced?? When you're losing a zvz with battlemounts , they have no way to get away. Choose one or the other because being able to be cc stunned or silenced by an army of demon helms are too strong. ” Don''t lose...? Seriously it adds an actual risk to misjudging the battlefield and having poor leadership.

  • galatine pair beats all 300% of the time. but it's so expensive that it's not worth using in PvP scenarios unless you are funded like a whale.