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  • Quote from Piraterer: “There is a link to purchase it. And for most New players its not obvious and makes no sense.It Sound like a one time purchasement. Im reffering to the one time offer for new players not the regular subscription. As i mentioned it may be legal but very shady. ” If you try purchasing the Premium Promo Pack via the Albion Store in-game, it will open a new tab on your browser showing the checkout page, you will see the message there as well. Here's a screenshot and I've highli…

  • Quote from Piraterer: “Than its fixed a bit. Back in 2020 when i started i didnt see this notice ingame for the new player offer.And only a very small hint from Paypal. I think nobody tells you that its a subscription ingame. But sadly i cant prove because im not a new player. Also an automatic Subscription for a new player offer is Kind of a strange Business Plan. And in my Guild there was a lot of players i have to tell "watch out its an subscription." ” That's because you're not purchasing a …

  • Quote from Piraterer: “Quote from irmeya: “I used to play Albion online 4 or 5 months ago and I bought one month premium offer thinking it’s for only one month without renewal but today I was surprised with a mail and went a s fast as possible to look in the PayPal account to see that the game has took from me money for 3 months of premium and I didn’t even play at that time ” A lot of New players think that. Sadly SBI dont make this clear if you "buy" your first month. ” It's actually very clea…

  • Welcome to the forum @irmeya Please get in touch with the support team regarding your concern: ~Evas_Flarelight

  • I'm now locking this thread. If you have support-related concerns, please send a ticket to the support team: ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Quote from CDEEKS: “I need to have my account and i have no clue what this is or how to get it can anyone help me? ” You can see your Account ID and your account information by going here: If you need any other information, you can also reach out to the support team: ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Welcome to the forum @AndreShow The streamers get the premium codes from the developers for showcasing the game, so you won't get banned for using it. ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Quote from Shadowdestroyer3: “Evas actually its real you just earn gems and they give you a code for premium just one question is this allowed on albion? ” The developers do not have this sort of promotion, so I'm pretty sure this is not legitimate at all. ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Silenced by mistake

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    Hi there @reyemon142, Please create a ticket so the support team can check on it: ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Quote from Shadowdestroyer3: “Hello I have a question is this allowed I found a website called gpt leader It just says earn 700 gems to redeem a 30 day premium ” Hi @Shadowdestroyer3, please do not fall for website scams like this. To start with, there are no such promotions on Albion Online. Always refer to the main website for any updates. Feel free to send me a DM if you have any questions. ~Evas_Flarelight

  • I've locked the thread as requested by the OP.

  • Quote from SnowyEyes: “'What is CTA? ” Welcome to the forum @SnowyEyes, CTA means "Call to Action" or "Call to Arms". This is when big guilds guild rally their members to take down other players in ZvZ (zerg vs zerg, a Starcraft reference meaning huge number of players) to protect their territories or to capture different objectives like castles and outposts. ~Evas_Flarelight

  • vaccination

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    Quote from Vikiroy: “no, I'm just wondering if it is possible to legally transfer an account to another person ” Account transfers are against the Terms and Conditions you agreed to when you signed up to play the game. Quote from Albion Online Terms and Conditions: “11.10 The User is not entitled to transfer or sell his User Account to a third party or let a third party use their User Account without the prior written consent of Sandbox Interactive. Any transfer consent of Sandbox Interactive do…

  • Quote from NetViber: “I wonder if I can use DPS measurement programs like this one: and will I not get a ban? I know a lot of players use it, but I prefer to make sure? ” Welcome to the forum @NetViber, You can send a ticket to the support team so they can check on it: ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Quote from BadFish: “Thanks. That is helpful. When you join in on the zerg, do you usually get a group invite or do you just follow the crowd solo? ” When you're playing solo it's ok to just follow the Zerg around, but you'll earn more Faction points if you're in a group. Players mostly group up once they captured an outpost. Also check the Faction chat once in a while to see where the fights are. ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Welcome to the forum @Scarlettress, Please reach out to the support team so they can review your referral: ~Evas_Flarelight

  • game crash

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    Welcome to the forum @n1007, Please send a ticket to the support team so they can help you troubleshoot your issue: ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Quote from SnowDawg: “Quote from Evas_Flarelight: “Quote from SnowDawg: “Is there a way i can change my forum name? ” Heya @SnowDawg, there's no way to change your forum name aside from creating a new account. ~Evas_Flarelight ” is there a way i can do that using the same email? Cuz it wont let me. ” There's no way to change it using the same email address. You'd need to register a new email address to use a new forum name. ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Quote from Cloveed: “And how is it done? I always getting logged in with my mail automatically and didnt found, where i can turn it off. ” Heya, you're automatically logged in on Steam and there's no option to switch it off. ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Build Sign on island missing

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    Welcome to the forum @MeanStalker, I can see you've already set up some farms besides that plot you're on. You can access the build option by clicking on your portrait and selecting Build or by pressing H. Then select a farm and place it on top of that area you're in. ~Evas_Flarelight