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  • I think if they just brought back gold that would be better. Then they don't die to inflation. Like T2 has 0-1. T3 has 1-2, T4 has 2-3, T5 has 3-5, T6 has 5-8, T7 has 8-12, T8 has 12-20. So T8 with bonus would be about 60K silver with current gold prices but could go ot 80 or 100 k if price of gold increases

  • Go to a hideout zone in roads during the zones active time. The hideouts there had to be setup in that time so thats most likely the best option. Also right inside any portal thats in a yellow zone next to a city

  • Make Mercenary and Gatherer laborers better!! Plenty of ideas stated before, all are good but for mercenary laborers, having them also return materials is the way to go. CDs - Make invade happen automatically. Remove the shrine from the entrance. CDs should be about people who want to play 1v1 for cool loot and profit because they got good at 1v1. If you want loot, do solo dungeons. "Elite Spec" - Make 20 levels of spec be separate from the 100 levels. these 20 levels can only be gained with PVP…

  • Quote from Khaluum: “"4. Because swiftclaws are so abundant and take so little meat to raise, horses and many other mounts are severely underutilized. There are two possible solutions to this. The most obvious one and the one I recommend is to drastically reduce the drop rate of swiftclaw cubs. Reduce it to maybe 1/5th of what it is now. An alternative solution is to increase their tier and the tier of direwolf mounts by one each to increase the amount of meat it takes to raise them from 81 for …

  • Items are capped past 900 i think by 80%. So if he has 917 average ip but thats because each item is 1100 with no cape then in cd each item is 940. 940x5 is 4700/6 is 783

  • You could set up an alt and a guild. Have that person set up an alt and join your guild. They should be able to deposit to guild acct but not withdraw. Also check that this doesn’t violate policy

  • Adding some thoughts. Gathering in bz is super easy. Even before I joined a guild I was operating out of blue hideouts (both of the ones I used have since been destroyed so I don't know where any are currently). Ideally you pick a spit in the deep zone. either a hideout if possible or one of the rests. You are at your most vulnerable when you are gathering so try to gather a few zones away if your at a rest. Keep wild boars and cheap transport sets (t4-6 gather gear with miner workboots, fs cape…

  • You can submit multiple times? Im doing it for a laugh. definitely impossible but even getting 1 non afk kill is totally worth the laughs.